Sample (Arizona Sinus Center) Premium Indication from MICA

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About MICA Our History

MICA was founded in 1976 after the largest medical professional liability (MPL) insurance carrier announced it was no longer underwriting MPL insurance coverage for the physicians of Arizona. Our mission is to protect and defend the practice of medicine. MICA is the select insurer in the state of Arizona, affording coverage to approximately 70% of independent physicians in Arizona, and we continue to grow in Utah and Nevada. "With MICA, I know I will always have someone behind me no matter what the day brings." MICA Member Since 2004

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MICA Dividends* MICA is owned by its Members. We do not have stockholders profiting from our success. When financial conditions warrant, we distribute dividends to our members.* In 2017, we declared a dividend of $25 million, approximately 26% of policyholder premium. “Put more succinctly, MICA’s owners (our policyholders) receive almost all the ‘underwriting profits.’ The money they have paid in premiums that ultimately proves to be more than the amount needed is returned to our policyholders.” James F. Carland, III, M.D. MICA Chairman & CEO

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*The dividend declared in any given policy year reflects MICA’s financial performance. Past performance cannot guarantee future dividends. MICA’s insurance policies have exclusions, limitations, and terms under which the policy may be continued in force or discontinued. For costs and complete details of coverage, contact your insurance agent or MICA.

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