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MICA’s claims philosophy is to carefully evaluate claims to eliminate those without merit, promptly pay those that warrant settlement, and vigorously defend those where a perceived or actual bad outcome is not the result of malpractice. Of 206 trials over the last ten-year period, 88% concluded with a defense verdict. And over the last three years, 95% concluded with a defense verdict. Over the last five years, 76% of active claims and suits involving MICA policyholders closed with no indemnity payment. "Knowing I am insured with a company with a lot of experience and knowledge provides me with peace of mind that I will have strong support in the event of a malpractice case." MICA Member Since 2002 Policyholder Service If you have questions or need assistance specific to your policy or coverage, our Customer Service Hotline is available to help. Underwriting and policy services are also available online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via MICA’s website – Using our secure portal, you can view your invoice, pay your premium, take a CME class, or complete your renewal census. “I’d like to thank all of you for having fantastic customer service. Every employee I’ve had the pleasure of encountering is always so friendly, knowledgeable & more than happy (& willing) to help.” MICA Member Since 2004 Risk Management Service MICA understands the importance of mitigating risk in a practice. MICA members receive a variety of Risk Management services to help reduce their risk of a claim - and improve patient care. Experienced Risk Management Consultants are available by calling the Risk Management Hotline to discuss situations before they become a problem.

"MICA's staff is very helpful and the Risk Management Hotline gives great advice." MICA Member Since 2004

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