A day in the life of a trainee 2016

Amina Al Hashim | First year trainee Departments: Property and trust & estate disputes University : London School of Economics and Political Science Degree: Law, 2 (1)

9.00am: I arrive in the office and head to the kitchen to make my habitual coffee. While I’m waiting, I chat with my colleagues about the day ahead. I then settle myself at my desk and check my emails. I have a simultaneous sale and purchase completion to work on this morning; I email the accounts team to let them know I’m expecting our client’s sale monies to come in. Once monies have arrived, I send the completion monies for our client’s purchase. 10.00am: I receive a telephone call from the seller’s solicitors to say that completion funds have been received and the keys have been released. I informmy clients who are delighted; they make their way to their lovely new home in the country and thank me for all my help. I’m pleased everything was done efficiently. 11.00am: I walk to East Putney station and take the tube into central London. I’m meeting a longstanding writer/director client while he’s filming on set. His schedule is tight so I wait for a pause in filming, witness his signature on various deeds and head back to the office. As part of a small trainee intake I enjoy meeting with clients on a regular basis and very early on in my first seat. 1.00pm: A work friend and I walk to a local Italian restaurant which bakes authentic Italian pizza. We relax and catch up over lunch before heading back to the office. 1.45pm: Having finished the completions this morning, I research stamp duty and collective enfranchisement so I can advise a residents’ association. 3.00pm: I make some amendments to an option agreement I’ve been drafting for a landowner client. My supervisor and I discuss it at length until we are happy that we’ve represented our client’s requirements and interests fully. We meet with the client and discuss our amendments; he’s happy with our work and asks our advice on another matter. 4.30pm: I tie up some loose ends at my desk and reply to some requisitions from the Land Registry. I review my calendar and flag the matters I will need to follow up within the next few days.

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