Spring 2019 Exhibitor Manual

www.giftfairs.co.nz . The website is a valuable tool for visitors to see the latest information on the show including seminar timetables, event features and exhibitor listings.

NOTE: Suitable ID may be asked for at registration time (Business card is acceptable ). C hildren under 14 are discouraged from attending. ( Babies in back packs or front packs are acceptable).

XPO LEADS APP – FOR COLLECTING SALES LEADS: Trade shows used to be about collecting business cards in fish bowls. We’ve shifted the medium, enabling you to collect real time data and quality sales results, straight to your mobile phone (synched to a secure Excel spreadsheet online), with our new XPO Lead capture app. Every visitor that attends the show is issued with a barcoded visitor badge. Simply scan a visitor’s badge, and you’ll have their contact details with the ability to append notes, take orders, or qualify them with your own sales questions.

Email jake@xpo.co.nz to take advantage of this technology.

See more information for XPO Leads App here

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