PG13 Plasma Generator Kit

Ramsey Electronics Model No. PG13

Have you ever wanted to play with a controlled substance? Now you can! It is called plasma, and it is easily generated by this nifty high voltage kit. This is the same though more powerful supply that is used in Plasma Balls and neon art, and can be used for all sorts of high voltage experiments! Turn a standard light bulb into a plasma sphere!  Perfect for driving a Jacob’s ladder. See plasma at work!  Can light many feet of neon tubing  Perfect for driving plasma balls, even make a standard light bulb into a plasma sphere!  Optional 16VAC transformer and this kit are all you need to begin experimenting!  Can generate sparks up to 2 inches.  Very thorough manual on high voltage safety, many neat experiments, and lessons learned along the way.  Can produce many of the same effects as Tesla Coil, on a smaller scale.  Great for science fairs! DANGER Ramsey Customer Use Only Not For Publication

HIGH VOLTAGE See instruction manual before operation

PG13  1

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