Issue 5 Gypsol Newsletter

Gypsol ® flowing floor screeds are becoming increasingly popular in all types of con- struction projects from traditional to modular, from timber frame to masonry and from large to small. Gypsol ® screeds are available in different formats making them ideal for almost every scenario and in every configuration including bonded, floating, unbonded, heated, acoustic and even in hybrid systems such as timber frame apartments or light weight steel frame with underfloor heating. This is due to their versatility and because of the huge benefit that can be obtained from using the material. In order to maximise these benefits it is important to know a little about Gypsol ® screed and with that in mind we have developed a CPD presenta- tion which you and your team may benefit from receiving.

The presentation looks at the following aspects

1. Francis Flower – The Company 2. Floor Screed Binders in general 3. Why Specify Gypsol ® 4. Steps to success

5. Building regulations 6. Underfloor heating 7. The Environment

If you would like to book an appointment for us to come and deliver this presentation which takes approximately 1 hour to complete including 15 minutes for questions please feel free to contact one of our technical team by e-mail or by telephone . Con- tact details can be found on page 6.

For all your flow screeding requirements and Stockists of Sureflo bagged Gypsol ®

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