913853--PICASSO--The Horsewoman and the Clowns, 1957

L'Ecuyère et les Clowns, 1957 Pablo Picasso

On November 28, 1957, Picasso worked on two zinc plates, one in green and the other in red, both inspired by the same subject: a horsewoman and two clowns. According to Fernand Mourlot, the artist's lithographic printer, he was not satisfied with the result and so reworked them a few weeks later on December 13th. Still unsatisfied, Picasso left the two plates aside for three years, until March 6, 1961, when he worked on a third plate, but this time in black. To create the final image of 'L'Ecuyère et les Clowns', Picasso instructed Mourlot to print the three zinc plates together: first the green, the red and finally the black, bringing the composition together. And in the process of printing the edition of his final image, it was also decided to publish an edition of 50 of both the green and red plates.

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