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HOWTODESIGNA“KID’SCAVE” First there was the “Man Cave,” then the “She Shed,” now it’s all about the “Kid’s Cave.” However, parents need not worry they’ll have to dedicate the entire basement or garden shed to the whims of their children. A Kid’s Cave is simply a fun phrase for describing a child’s bedroom – decked out with all the things they love. If you want your kid to have a place to unwind after school or on weekends, don’t assume that means soft blue and ocean-inspired photography. What children find relaxing will depend on their age and their interests, so get your kids involved in designing a space that is perfectly theirs. What is the room going to be used for? Just sleeping? Sleeping and playing? What about doing homework or hanging out with friends? Try and section out a small area for each of the room’s functions, much like you would in a small apartment. What’s their favourite colour? If it’s hot pink or electric blue consider using it more as an accent colour than on walls or other large items. Natural tones are easier on the eyes and the mind – and no one wants an over-stimulated child bouncing off the walls before bed. What are their interests? If you want it to be their own mini- sanctuary it needs to reflect who they truly are. Do they like sports? Music? Do they collect toys or books? Bedding, artwork and accessories highlight your child’s passions and can be switched out as they get older. Where is everything going to go? In a kid’s room it’s all about storage. Bins, drawers and shelves should be aplenty. Clutter causes anxiety in both adults and children. Piles of toys and books left out in a kid’s room are like piles of paper and files on your desk.

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DIYHANGINGJEWELRYHOLDER FROMCARDBOARDTUBES The best craft is the kind that reuses old objects bound for the trash. This recycled cardboard tube DIY is perfect for both kids and adults who love jewelry and fun. All you’ll need is three paper-towel tubes, felt or fabric, ribbon, double-sided tape, a small hole punch and scissors. Step 1: Cut the paper towel rolls to the length you want each row of the hanging jewelry holder to be. Step 2: Cut the felt or fabric so it can wrap fully around the tubes, with the last tube having a few inches leftover to allow fabric to hang from the bottom of the holder. This portion will be used for earrings. Step 3: Mark dots for earring holes across the hanging fabric approximately one inch apart and punch out. Also, punch two holes near the ends of each tube – top and bottom – then string the ribbon through, tying it off both before and after it enters each tube. Step 4: Hang on the wall and display your jewelry. For additional stability tape or Velcro the back of the holder to the wall. ABRIEFHISTORYOFSTORYBOOK ARCHITECTURE They may look like they jumped out of the pages of your favourite fairytale, but Storybook style homes actually originated in 1920s Los Angeles. While other American cities were experimenting with different forms of revival architecture, Los Angeles took it to the extreme with whimsical homes known for an exaggerated interpretation of medieval forms and use of artificial means to suggest age. Unlike more academic architectural styles like Victorian or Arts and Crafts, Storybook doesn’t take itself too seriously and homes built in the style have frequently appeared in Hollywood movies and television shows. Perhaps the most famous example is The Witch’s House, located at 56 Walden Drive, Los Angeles, which has appeared as a backdrop in films such as 1995’s Clueless .

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