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response, then these allergens get treated in a fashion similar to an attacking virus.  Your body makes antibodies that result in abnormal symptoms - called “allergic response” - when you get exposed to these allergens. Allergens  Allergens are substances that can trigger an allergic reaction in the body.  Allergens can be found indoors or outdoors, and even in your food. Who Gets Allergic Rhinitis? Studies report that up to 42% of Americans suffer from symptoms of allergies by the age of 40. 1 Allergies caused by pollen and other allergens affect up to 1 in 7 Americans (nearly 40 million individuals) and costs more than $1 billion in annual treatment. Facts: Did You Know…  For adults, allergic rhinitis is the 5th leading chronic disease and a major cause of work absenteeism, resulting in nearly 4 million missed or lost workdays each year. This results in a total cost of more than $700 million in total lost productivity for American businesses!  Over 50% of homes have at least 6 potential allergens present.  Women having symptoms of allergies before they get pregnant may have worsening, improvement, or no change in their symptoms during the pregnancy.  Most women will notice some nasal congestion in the later stages of pregnancy, even if they did not have allergies before the pregnancy - this is called rhinitis of pregnancy, and is related to hormone levels.  Rhinitis of pregnancy does not respond to medications and will generally go away after delivery.  Before using any drug (prescription, over-the-counter or a dietary supplement), a pregnant woman should always review any medication or dietary supplement with their doctor.  Dust mites thrive in temperatures above 75 degrees F.  The cleanest kitchens can still have allergens present.

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