Inner Connection DEC 2016

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The Inner-Connection – WINTER 2016

By Steven Krejcik

T oday we are going to explore one of the most important universal laws. A law so powerful that if misunderstood will cause, health and weight issues, poverty and loneliness. A law so powerful that when understood and used correctly will bring health, happiness and prosperity. This is the universal law of binding. It is the glue that holds the universe together. Napoleon Hill called this law Hypnotic Rhythm. Hypnotic Rhythm is the law that tells an acorn to become an oak tree and a pine seed to become a pine tree. The law basically states that once something is set in motion, it will continue until an outside force comes along that causes it to change. If you took a palm tree from its hot climate and planted it in the North, the tree would not know how to survive and die. The palm tree developed its “habits” of survival based on the climate conditions under which it developed. Hypnotic Rhythm tells the tree to continue what it has been doing. If this tree is moved to the cold north, it does what it knows, but that is not what it needs and it dies. Now let’s apply this to humans. If you wanted to learn to play the piano, first you have to memorize the rules. Then you practice every day and eventually learn to play songs, but they take much effort. Then the final stage is when playing the piano becomes natural. You don’t even think about it. The music is placed in front of you and you just play. If someone asked how you did this, you probably would not be able to tell them. You aren’t thinking, just doing. You are applying the universal

principal of Hypnotic Rhythm. We also apply the law of Hypnotic Rhythm when driving a car. How many times have you driven somewhere, and not remembered most of the trip. You are driving on automatic pilot, As if hypnotized. Hypnotic Rhythm is a habit on steroids, often existing below our conscious thoughts. Humans are trained to think and act from their ancestors and immediate surroundings when they are young. These actions become so ingrained in the young person that they just act, and don’t even think about it. They have had the conditioning for so many years that Hypnotic Rhythm takes over and they act as if hypnotized, unaware why they do what they do. If those thoughts are of war, life will be full of confrontations. If we are raised in an environment of peace, life will be peaceful regardless of what is going on around us. Our culture also influences out habits. The energy and basic beliefs of society will program us if we aren’t aware and make an effort to choose something different. 98% of the world’s population is trapped in Hypnotic Rhythm. Why do people make New Year’s resolutions, and then forget about them one month later? Because Hypnotic Rhythm is pulling them back to what they’ve always done: sit on the couch and eat. Why do people continue to have relationship problems? Why do successful people become more successful? Hypnotic Rhythm. Hypnotic Rhythm can work in our favor or it can work against us. Like the law of gravity, when properly

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