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humansideof each interaction. Apatient’s loy- alty and advocacy for your business is reliant heavily on their experience and even more so on thememoryof each interaction. In this issue you’ll read about some of the very tangible ways in which you can achieve in- clinic success and heighten your patient’s experience. Hearing Healthcare professionals from around the world comment on how they useouruniqueFlexsolutiontoincreasepatient trust andengagement. Read more about patient centred care in Brian Taylor’s article on page 4 and call your Unitron Territory Representative to learn more about Flex TM andotherpatient experience tools. The countdown to our new platform launch North is on. For a sneak peak and regular updatesLikeusonFacebook. To celebrate the launch we are offering you the chance to travel north to our North American Customer Conference in New Orleans. Take a look at our promotional piece #conversation- mattersandenter!

At the 2015 AAA Convention we will unveil our newest and most powerful sound platform North. Over the last decade our industry has becomemore familiar with the host of benefits that a new chip and sound platform delivers. An all new platform means more power, more speed and more capacity for new features, bringing patients closer than ever to natural hearing. Platform development is no easy feat. Our development process startedback in2010and the relentless dedication to improving pro- cessing capabilities and delivering a natural soundhaverecentlybeenverifiedinourvalida- tionprocess. Newchip, newplatform, newproduct - thiscer- tainly has been a winning formula in creating a winningpatient experience. In this day and age, however, it is innovative product complementedwithan exceptional in- clinic patient experience that drives sustain- ablebusinessgrowth. Consumers have shifted away from transac- tional purchasing and emotional marketing – trust is now the new currency of commerce. Your patient’s delightful hearing experience is a result of recognition and delivery on the

Lilika Beck Director

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7/08/13 1:00PM

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1 The Relationship Era has arrived 4 Bringing patient-centred care to life in your practice Perspective

Featured on the cover, client Lito Cayas and Unitron audiologist Catherine Brown, recommending and fitting hearing devices at our 50th Birthday open day event

Flex ™ breaksdowncommon barriers topatientcare Bringingpatient-centred care to life inyourpractice

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