Kafe in the Box Sell Sheet 2017

Kafé in the Box - Order Detai ls



Kafé in the Box - White

Kafé in the Box - Bronze

Kafé in the Box - Bronze

Kafé in the Box - Bronze

Size 12oz/355ml (Medium) Item# 5012WH

Size 12oz/355ml (Medium) Item# 5012BR

Size 12oz/355ml (Medium) Item# 5012SI

Size 12oz/355ml (Medium) Item# 5012BK

UPC 055705243757 MSRP $17.99CDN

UPC 055705243788 MSRP $17.99CDN

UPC 055705243771 MSRP $17.99CDN

UPC 055705243764 MSRP $17.99CDN

Size 16oz/437ml (Large) Item# 5016WH UPC 055705243863 MSRP $19.99CDN

Size 16oz/437ml (Large) Item# 5016BR

Size 16oz/437ml (Large) Item# 5016SI UPC 055705243856 MSRP $19.99CDN

Size 16oz/437ml (Large) Item# 5016BK UPC 055705243849 MSRP $19.99CDN

UPC 055705243832 MSRP $19.99CDN

Available in CDU or Bulk pack (16pc mixed size/colour)

Kafé in the Box - CDU 16pc mixed pack with counter display Sizes 8pc Medium / 8pc Large Item# 5000CDUQ1 UPC 055705244440

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