404588--DALÍ--Cuatro de oros, circa 1970

Salvador Dalí

Cuatro de oros , circa 1970

The Tarot has long been a tool of charlatans, but has also long been embraced by brilliant, unconventional thinkers. With its archetypal symbolism, the Tarot’s appeal to artists is obvious. The present artwork represents the universal Tarot, and was created in collage, watercolor and gouache. Dalí is the only artist to have re- interpreted the major and minor Arcana since 1910. Dalí painted this beautiful series for Gala, his wife and lifetime muse, and is demonstrative of Dalí’s skill as an artisan and as an inventor of allegory. Overall, the series combines the eclectic origins of occult practices with Dalí’s own unmistakable flair. Dalí’s Tarot series is a pastiche of old-world art, surrealism, kitsch, Christian iconography and Greek and Roman sculpture. Many of his recurring motifs such as the rose, the fly and the bull’s head can be seen throughout.

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