SKY SERVICES - Flight Academy - ATO

The holder of a CPL can: • exercise all the privileges of lower level licences the like of LAPL or PPL; • act as PIC or co-pilot of any class or type of aeroplane he/she is rated for in operations other than commercial air transport; • act as PIC in commercial air transport of any single-pilot class or type of aeroplane he/she is rated for ; • act as co-pilot in commercial air transport.

• Flight performance and planning • Human performance and limitations • Meteorology • Operational procedures • Navigation • Principles of Flight • VFR Communications CPL SE (single engine) FLIGHT TRAINING • 30 flight hours • 12hrs of VFR cross-country navigation • 5hrs VFR Night • 10hrs IFR Basic Instrument Flight* CPL ME (multi engine) FLIGHT TRAINING • 30 flight hours • 6hrs VFR cross-country navigation on SEP • 6hrs VFR cross-country navigation on MEP (*) up to 5 hours may be conducted on the FNPT II (flight navigation procedures. • 1:30hrs Basic UPRT • 1:30hrs Final Check

REQUIREMENTS • Be at least 18 years old; • To be a holder of a PPL (A) issued in compliance with the ICAO annex; • Hold a valid Class 1 Medical Certificate; • Good knowledge of english; • A knowledge of mathematics and physics at high school level The knowledge of the English language (that must at least determine the ability to understanding and expression in technical English) and of the scientific matters is checked by means of an entry assessment by Sky Services. DURATION This course duration is on average between 12 to 18 months, and this include both the theoretical and practical section of the course. The duration may vary significantly depending on the time and effort dedicated by the candidate. THEORETICAL TRAINING 250hrs of classrooms. Some can be administered by videoconferencing or with the “distance learning” methodology. In the course of the theoretical training the following subjects are part of the curricula: • Air Law • Aircraft general knowledge




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