SKY SERVICES - Flight Academy - ATO

An applicant for an CRI certificate shall have completed at least: • for MEP airplane: - 500 hours flight time as a pilot in aeroplane - 30 hours as PIC

REQUIREMENTS An applicant for or the holder of an class instructor certificate with privileges to conduct flight instruction in an aircraft shall: • hold at least the licence and, where relevant, the rating for which flight instruction is to be given; • have: - completed at least 15 hours of flight as apilot on the class or type of aeroplane on which flight instruction is to be given, of which a maximum of 7 hours may be in an FSTD representing the class or type of aeroplane, if applicable; or - passed an assessment of competence forthe relevant category of instructor on that class or type of aeroplane; • be entitled to act as PIC on the aircraft during such flight instruction.

DURATION On average 1 to 6 months minimum

THEORETICAL TRAINING • 25 hrs of classroom in which theories and practice of are taught Teaching & Learning • 10 hrs of technical training PRACTICAL TRAINING • 5 hrs of flight training in the event of ME class instructor rating • hrs in the event of SE class instructor rating.



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