SKY SERVICES - Flight Academy - ATO


Completion of the training for the issue of an initial Type rating on the C510

operations” must hold a certificate of satisfactory completion of an MCC course in aeroplanes or have at least 500 hours as pilots in multi-pilot operations on single-pilot multi- engine aeroplanes, in commercial air transport in accordance with the applicable air operations requirements • applicants for “multipilot operations” who have been trained and passed the skill test as co- pilot must also have completed the “right hand seat” qualification.

REQUIREMENTS • the applicant must have completed the FSTD training with an approved ATO course in accordance with the ORA.ATO.125 of the EU Reg 1178/2011 and has successfully undertaken and passed the type rating skill test with a TRE certified in accordance with the subpart K of the EU Reg 1178/2011 Appendix 9 • the applicant must have passed the skill test within 6 months preceding the commencement of the base training • have a valid medical certificate relevant to the privileges to be exercised and issued in accordance with the Part- MED of the EU Reg 1178/2011 • applicants who have completed the Cessna 510 type rating course and passed the skill test for “multipilot

DURATION 24 hrs.


TRAINING PLAN • 5 hrs of theory • 6 landings and take-off, 1 full stop landing.


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