SKY SERVICES - Flight Academy - ATO


Through the banking Group BNL part of BNP Paribas , Sky Services Flight Academy offers the possibility to finance your ATPL, CPL or Instructor course. To carry out or to continue your line Pilot ATPL, CPL or Instructor course without thoughts, as a student of the Sky Services Flight Academy, you can apply for a loan at the BNL Group BNP Paribas. Their pro- gram named “Futuriamo” is dedicated to our students of all ages with the aim to support investments in the professional fu- ture of or our cadets. The BNL Futuriamo loan makes it possible to support the financial commitment nec- essary to carry out the studies (in Italy and abroad) and to cover: • the training course; • the purchase of textbooks; • accommodation and transport costs; • the purchase of a PC or a Tablet.

MAIN FEATURES • Minimum amount: starting from € 5.000. • Maximum amount: up to € 70.000. • Loan duration: up to 10 years with the possiibility of postponing the repayment from 12 to 36 months, after granting. • Grantinng: in one solution. • Guaarantees: younger students will need to take out the loan jointly with a parent or a tutor resident in Italy, or the guarantee with a parent or a tutor resident in Italy or any other guarantee deemed appropriate by the Bank. The granting of the loan is subject to the approval of the bank. The loan is entirely managed by BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas. For all economic and contractual informa- tion and conditions please refer to LIMB -MilanBresso ph. +39 02 6143 245 fax +39 02 6100 106 ops +39 335 8709 033 LIAU - Capua ph. +39 0823 9694 65 fax +39 0823 6215 39 ops +39 338 7989 711 LIBR - Brindisi ph. +39 0831 4133 13 fax +39 0831 4112 04 ops +39 345 9263 789






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