Nelson Mandela, winner of the Nobel Peace prize didn’t only leave an important inheritance to the people of South Africa, but to people all over the world. With his wisdom he was able to overcome the hate between white and black in his own country, but also to see through the nature of human beings. like in this statement that also expresses the essence of Gentle Teaching. It is one of the underlying thoughts of Gentle Teaching that all human beings not only long to feel safe and loved, but also every human being has the core quality to love and care for others, and the deep desire to express this loving quality. Nobody want to be angry at others; we all want to be loving and kind towards others. Anger and hate – the opposite of love and kindness - are caused by judgments over others and by our own wounds or the fear we have to be hurt. By learning to deal with these feelings, we create the space in our mind and heart we need to express our loving qualities, and we can learn to be loving towards others.

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