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digital publishing solutions

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Desktop application

This powerful desktop application lets you create digital publications with a realistic page-flipping effect and luxurious design. Any file type can be used as a source. The versatile tools of this application let you customize according to your needs.

Cloud hosting

Cloud services tightly integrated with a desktop give you greater versatility to easily engage your customers with the best reading experience on mobile devices. The cloud service lets you enhance your productivity and deliver to the market faster. is a complete solution for creating, storing and distributing digital publications. It comes together with an application that lets you create stunning publications and is tightly integrated with a cloud service that lets you easily store and distribute your content.
And so, how does it work?
Turn your content into a cool interactive publication with just a few clicks

Convert PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and images into cool interactive publications with just a few clicks. The 9 built-in skins and 5 built-in layouts supplied will cover virtually all of your needs. Want more? We have 100+ properties that will satisfy your every desire.

Get professional design and great reading experience

Digital publications are appealing and have a smart look. The practicality, functionality, ease of use, and page-flipping effect combined make digital publications an important tool of modern business practice.

Enhance your productivity with the cloud

Your publications live in the cloud. So when you’re able to publish directly from a desktop, you gain power over your content. Share, integrate and make changes easily whenever needed.

Get a variety of solutions is a ready-to-use service. Simply install the application and start creating. Check out all of the solutions it provides.