Newsletter No. 1 - 2014/15 - Top Division Clubs in Europe


No. 1 - 2014/15

world cup. The Task Force will meet again in November to analyse in more depth the impact of a switch from summer to winter.

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ECA GENERAL ASSEMBLY On the 8th and 9th of September, the 13th ECA General Assembly was held at the Hotel Président Wilson in Geneva. This General Assembly, attended by 149 Member Clubs, marked the kick- off of the 2014/15 ECA season.

Financial Fair-Play With nine clubs having been sanctioned by the UEFA Club Financial Control Body (CFCB) for non- compliance with the Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations in the past season, and ultimately agreeing to sign settlement agreements, the FFP project has entered a crucial phase. Despite aggregate losses in European club football continuously decreasing, which can be taken as a positive sign and a direct result of the FFP implementation, ECA Chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge reminded ECA Member Clubs of the importance to continue to operate responsibly. Commenting on FFP, the ECA Chairman said: "We should definitely not think that club finances are now in perfect order. A true picture of Financial Fair Play can only be drawn once the break-even assessment is in place over several consecutive years. We are certainly not on the safe side yet and UEFA will continue to take this project very seriously. I call upon every single club to adhere to the regulations and remind you that these rules should not be seen as an attack against clubs but as a positive move for the long-term future of the game." Since the launch of FFP, ECA has called upon UEFA to ensure that any withheld prize money, as a result of non-compliance with the regulations, should be made available to all clubs participating in European competitions and that ECA would make proposals as to the distribution method to be used. Whilst in some cases a certain percentage is withheld conditionally and will be returned to the respective club if it fulfils the operational and financial measures agreed with the UEFA CFCB, it was announced that the unconditional amount available for immediate distribution to clubs amounts to approximately 24 Million EURO.

ECA Member Clubs Welcomed UEFA President ECA Member Clubs were pleased to welcome the UEFA President, Michel Platini, for a special address at the beginning of the plenary session. In his speech, he re-iterated his intention to seek a third term as UEFA President and hailed the great relationship between UEFA and ECA, which has led to some significant achievements over the last couple of years, notably the elaboration of the Financial Fair Play regulations. He called upon the clubs to further strengthen this partnership in the future to allow for a solid and united European football family. Qatar 2022 World Cup ECA Members were updated on the first Qatar 2022 Task Force Meeting which took place at FIFA Headquarters in Zurich on 8 September with ECA Vice-Chairman, Umberto Gandini, and ECA General Secretary, Michele Centenaro, in attendance on behalf of ECA. The meeting's main focus was to understand the different stakeholders' position vis-à-vis a possible switch to a winter competition. FIFA made clear that, in accordance with the hosting agreement, the World Cup in Qatar must be held in 2022. As a result, the options of January/February 2022 and November/December 2022 were put forward as alternatives to a summer

Following discussions with UEFA, ECA's


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