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Decorating A Matt Emulsion Pure BrilliantWhite

3Ltr £10.99 , 7Ltr £15.99 B NEW Quick Dry Paint 750ml Pure Brilliant White Gloss £8.99 Satinwood £10.99 Primer &Undercoat £10.99 C Easycare Bathroom Paint 2.5Ltr £19.99 Tough moisture and steam resistant paint. Pure BrilliantWhite. D Pure BrilliantWhite Paint 1.25Ltr £11.99each Non-Drip Gloss, Professional Liquid Gloss, Once Gloss, Undercoat. Satin 1.25Ltr available at £11.99. E Matt or Silk Emulsion 2.5Ltr Pure BrilliantWhite £11.99 F Pure BrilliantWhite Paint 750ml £6.99each Undercoat, Liquid Gloss, Non-Drip Gloss or Quick Dry Satin. G Chalky Finish Furniture Paint 750ml £12.99 With a classic, smooth touch, flat matt finish, it brings a new lease of life to tired, worn-out objects. H Bulls Eye 1-2-3 500ml £9.99 Effectivelyprimesandsealsawide varietyof interiorandexteriorsurfaces. I Nitrile Powder Free Disposable Gloves x100 £7 Medical grade disposable gloves. Small, medium, large or extra large. J Paint Panther 500ml £9.99 Fast action, rips through multiple layers of paint and varnish. Methylene chloride free. Non drip gel formula. Non caustic. Problem Solving K One Coat Damp Seal 250ml £5.99 , 750ml £11.99 Blocksdamp in justonecoat. L One Coat Damp Seal 500ml £10.99 Seals patches of penetrating damp on interior walls and ceilings in just one coat. Matt white finish. M Stain Stop 250ml £6.99 Highly pigmented paint, which permanently prevents existing stains reappearing through paint. Renovate and transform furniture with this chalky finish furniture paint.

A from £10.99

B from £8.99

C £19.99

D £11.99 each

E £11.99

F £6.99 each

Antique White


Packof10 Gloves£1.29



CLEARwax 400ml£9.99


Clotted Cream

Duck Egg

G £12.99

H £9.99

I £7


Your one-stop shop... for dealing with damp

M £6.99

J £9.99

K from £5.99

L £10.99

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