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professional colleagues, friends outside of work and institutional colleagues. This loyalty is blended with a unique style of humility. Finally, Dianne is CARING . On weekly rounds discussing the 86 year old woman from remote BC, we often discuss her treatment, her surgery, her imaging studies, but Dianne is the one to consider the context and family that support that patient – who else is affected, where she is going back to and who cares about her. This admiration and love was further supported by Dr. Judith Pike, who cites:“Dianne has been an outstanding leader and has created a robust, happy, mutually supportive team which provides the women of BC with high quality, timely gynecologic cancer care. Dianne achieved this due to a combination of inspiration, hard work, thoughtfulness, and strong collaborative leadership. The two-member, one-site team she inherited has now grown to 11 gynecologic oncologists in four sites. She has been an enabler of success in others, mentoring, supporting and advocating for her younger colleagues. She has encouraged clinical and laboratory research and led the formation of the collaboration of oncologists, scientists and onco-pathologists known as OvCare. She has ensured the highest possible level of teaching and mentorship in the Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship Program which has attracted trainees nationally and internationally. Her instruction and leadership have expanded internationally with her demonstrated inspired leadership in program development in Africa. Dianne’s skills as a clinician are legendary. Her skills as a surgeon are widely accepted, but the outstanding focused personal care, excellent outcomes, clear communication style and warm compassionate personality make her extremely popular with patients and their families. She goes the extra mile for her patients. I recall, at the request of one such family, she carried a young woman’s ashes to the foothills of Everest on one of her trips. GOC Presidential Medal Award: Dr. Dianne Miller CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Awards and Honors GOC is very proud of its members for their dedication to gynecologic oncology and for the recognition of such as recipients of prestigious awards. Congratulations to each of you. On November 6, 2017, Professor Eduardo Franco received the Distinguished Service to Cancer Research Award from the Canadian Cancer Research Alliance, during their national biennial conference in Vancouver.

goals of our Society could best be achieved by drawing on the skills of many. We see this vision at work in many ways, perhaps most notably in the growth of the Communities of Practice initiative; their scope of work has expanded and their output impressive. Or the work of the BRCA T TO T initiative, engaging allied specialties including genetic counselors, geneticists, pathologists, basic scientists, medical oncologists and gynecologic oncologists to advance the care of women with gynecologic cancers. Important as well, the expansion of GOC’s role in education with the creation of a Director of Education, as well as the introduction of education programs in hereditary cancers. All of this incredible work, undertaken and/or advanced over the last two years under the leadership of Dr.Walter Gotlieb, will help save lives and that’s something I think we can all be proud of. Now,asIanticipatethenexttwoyears,Ilookforwardtothemanyopportunities. I will have to meet with you and hear about your challenges and experiences in the practice of gynecological cancer. The CPD and AGM meetings continue to be the primary location where we share and celebrate achievements and brainstorm about how to solve problems; these gatherings always meet or exceed expectations, both in content and attendance, thanks to the unstinting efforts of the Planning Committees and the dedicated staff at HQ. And of course, in addition to face-to-face meetings, we’ll be connecting online, embracing the capacity of social media platforms to enhance our ability to seek advice, network, and collaborate. The successful introduction of Workplace onto our electronic devices is an excellent example of howwe’re doing this; I’m sure there will be many more apps and online resources to come. I am looking forward to my tenure as president. I know there will be challenges in the field of gynecologic oncology; here’s a list of some on my radar right now. I have every confidence that together, we will tackle them successfully: • sorting out the role of MIS in cervical cancer; • the introduction of new drugs into the gynecological cancer armamentarium; • human resource issues as the need for our services increase; and • implementation of the new CPAC Standards in Gynecologic Oncology Surgery across all provinces. For over 20 years I have been involved in GOC; the comradery and support I have received from colleagues across this country have been second to none. We may be small in numbers but we are mighty in commitment and actions. What started for me as an opportunity to socialise and share conversations with like-

Professor Franco received an honorary doctorate (Doctor Honoris Causa) from Universidade Fernando Pessoa, in Porto, Portugal on March 16, 2018.

minded individuals is now an integral part of my clinical, academic and social life. I thank you all for the honour and the opportunity to give back to this Society and profession that has given me so much. Best wishes for the upcoming festive season. I hope to see you at one of our events, either the spring CPD meeting in Toronto or in my home town of Halifax next June for the AGM. In the

Congratulations Professor Franco for your contributions to improving women’s health. Drs. Terry Colgan and Elena Kolomietz received a Leading Practice Award, “EmpoweringWomen with Suspected Placental Molar Disease”by the Health Standards Organizations of Canada. https://healthstandards.org/leading‐practices/. Dr. Prafull Ghatage received the Luminary Award for Teaching from the University of Calgary’s Department of Oncology in recognition of his sustained teaching excellence, mentorship, and supervision of clinical fellows. CONTINUED ON PAGE 3

meantime I’m sure I’ll see many of you on Zoom!


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