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Welcome to the Junior School

Welcome to St Catherine’s School. We wish you a long and happy stay with us. The part you play in your daughter’s education is of paramount importance and we value your contribution to the School. Establishing strong links between home and school will contribute towards your daughter’s level of motivation and achievement. We endeavour to build a partnership based on trust and mutual respect. Together, we guide your daughter on her journey to independence. This handbook has been compiled to provide you with information about the Junior School. It aims to outline the day to day running of the School and important procedures. Please read this handbook in conjunction with the introductory pages of the School diary. Here you will find information about our history, vision, mission and virtues, houses, procedures and practices, as well as other practical day to day details. We invite you at all times to share your concerns with us, as well as your joys. We are working together towards a common goal, helping your daughter to reach her true potential and achieve to the best of her ability, socially, emotionally and academically. Most of all, we want her to be happily and actively involved in her own learning journey. We look forward to our partnership in your daughter’s education.


Parents who have queries about the Junior School or any of the details in this document should contact Junior School Reception on 02 8305 6295.

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