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Exacum • Bears masses of sweetly scented flowers with yellow eyes.

• Annual/biennial – keeping quality varies depending on growing conditions.

• No pinching necessary.

• The Royal and Little Champ series can be used in smaller pots.

• The Champion series is bred for larger pots.

Champi on Ser i es An excellent growth habit for 6" production. An F-1 hybrid.

Champion White

Champion Blue

Champion Pink/Lilac

Little Champ Blue Bred for short production time for 3 to 4½” pots.

Roya l Ser i es

Bred for a quick production time for 4½" and 6" pots. An F-1 hybrid.

Royal White

Royal Plum

Royal Blue

Prices effective November 1, 2015 - October 31, 2016 I Green Leaf Potted Plants I

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