SPIFAN Stakeholder Panel (March 14, 2018)

Analyte Definition • Description of the analyte: Determination of fluoride in all forms of infant, adult, and/or pediatric formula (powders, ready-to-feed liquids and liquid concentrates) • Rationale: Codex limit for fluoride in infant formula as consumed is 100 μg/100kcal (i.e. 65 μg/100g) with local regulations (e.g. NZ-Australia: 5μg/100g). Fluorinated water not recommended. • Implications: No suitable methods able to quantify at LOQ of 5μg/100g after first call for methods (current SMPR AOAC 2014.016). Need to increase LOQ taken in to account Codex limit at 65 μg/100g.

Specific Performance Claims Modify existing SMPR 2014.016 to achieve current Codex limit using current technologies: • Adjust the LOQ from 5μg/100g to 30μg/100g

• Adjust the lower range band [for recovery, RSDr and RSDR] from 5-25 μg/100g to 30-100μg/100g

• Adjust the upper range band [for recovery, RSDr and RSDR] from 100 μg/100g to 200μg/100g

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