ML1 Audio Controlled Music Lights Kit



Ramsey Electronics Model No.


Watch music come alive with an entrancing, exotic display of shimmering lights. You’re in control with a system you built yourself, but that rivals the performance of profes- sional units that go for hundreds of dollars!

Typical uses for the Music Lights Kit: • Spellbinding Holiday displays • Super for dances and disco effects • Great for restaurants and stores • Very popular with Wedding and party DJs Ramsey Customer Use Only Not For

The Ramsey ML1 MUSIC LIGHTS features: • Operation on standard 110 VAC house current • Three individually adjustable channels: one for highs, one for midrange and one for bass frequencies • Controls up to 300 watts of lights per channel • Clear, concise step-by-step instructions • Easy hook up to any stereo or radio speaker terminals Publication

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