Jettys Journal - July 2019


Hi Everyone

I would like to say I am glad to be back from holidays, but this weather is not making it easy – looks like we are all in for a cold winter. This is a good time to have any heating appliances serviced or tested to make sure that you stay safe over the colder months. It is recommended that gas appliances are serviced every 2 year’s, but safety checked every 12 months. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious illness that you cannot see or smell. The social club has had some fabulous events again. A dinner dance and a trip to Symbio Wildlife Park followed by lunch, were totally enjoyable I am told . I look forward to seeing what events are in store for the rest of the year. The village is looking lovely and I was able to showcase that at a recent Expo held at Warilla Bowling Club. There was fantastic attendance and I had a great amount of inquiries for our village. Hopefully we will be welcoming more people to the Village as an outcome. On that note, we have had a few new residents joined us in the past month or so, please welcome Sheila in 223 & Patricia in 325 and ask them to join in on Village activities. I would like to remind all residents that if you would like to do any external work to your home, please come and collect a Building Application from the office and submit your alterations or additions. Once you have gained approval then you may commence works. It is very important that all residents follow the appropriate course of action. Paul and I set sail for the tropics on Carnival Legend. We visited Mare, Lifou Isle, Mystery Island & Noumea. Did you know that no-one lives on Mystery Island? Legends has it that the white man spread a rumour the Island was haunted after dark to stop the natives coming over during the night and eating them – Still to this day no-one is willing to risk it. To be honest I would love to live there, swaying Coconut trees, crystal blue water and an amazing reef protecting the shore & its creatures. I drank kava and sampled the local delicacies. Have you caught on that Mystery Island was my favourite location on the entire trip? Highly recommended to anyone looking to run away from Winter.

Until next Month,


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July 2019 | Volume 16 | Issue 7

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