Haruv Institute - Annual Report - 2015

The Haruv Institute: A Snapshot of 2015 Activities

Message from Prof. Asher Ben-Arieh, Director of the Haruv Institute We are delighted to sharewith you this brief summary of the Haruv Institute's extensive activity in 2015. It is intended to provide basic information on the array of programs which the Institute initiated, developed, and implemented in 5 major areas:

• Training and Study programs • Seminars and conferences • Project development and implementation • Research and International Activities • Haruv USA

More detailed information can be found in the Institute's Annual Report

The Institute has established itself as a leading Israeli and international center for training in the field of child maltreatment. It provides training for professionals, paraprofessionals, researchers, and parents on prevention, identification, treatment, and rehabilitation of children who have experienced abuse or neglect. In addition, the Institute continues to enhance and advance professional knowledge in this field and make this knowledge accessible throughout Israel and the world. 2015 was a year of extensive activity in which existing activities were continued and often expanded, and in which significant new initiatives were developed. • More than 5,000 professionals participated in Haruv’s programs, including in workshops, conferences, and seminars offered as single day programs or extended programs of two or more days. • Through ever-widening circles of influence, tens of thousands benefited from these programs, through information passed on by Haruv-trained professionals and by


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