Haruv Institute - Annual Report - 2015

Like the Haruv Institute in Jerusalem, Haruv USA applies a multi-faceted strategy to advance its mission: Developing innovative educational programs for professionals, equipping them with up-to-date theoretical and empirical knowledge and with professional tools to enable them to function at the highest professional level. Cultivating an outstanding corps of professionals to work at the highest professional level in promoting children's welfare and wellbeing and to develop the expertise of those professionals surrounding and interacting with the child victim of abuse and neglect—social workers, psychologists, physicians, attorneys, educational guidance counselors and more. Fostering public awareness on child abuse and on mandatory reporting through public education campaigns, and informing policy-makers in order to influence policy and legislation on child abuse and neglect. Conferences and courses at Haruv-USA are geared towards professionals including:


• Hospital-based pediatricians • Hospital and community-based physicians and nurses • Family and community social workers • Legal and law enforcement professionals • Public prosecutors • Community and hospital-based psychiatrists • Mental health professionals • Child protection officers • School based psychologists and counselors • Clinicians and other therapists


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