The Typology of Scripture

V 1, p iii PUBLISHERS NOTE !e character and design of Dr. Fairbairn’s Typology of Scripture, can only be understood by a care- ful perusal, which will result invariably in showing that it is a most complete, thorough, and learned work and of inestimable importance to the Christian Student. I. It has been accepted as the standard on the subject of which it treats for thirty years. II. It deals with Typology not only as a Bible and !eological subject simply, but in its connection with all christian doctrine, and all the dispensations of religion from theAdamic to the Christian. III. Dr. Fairbairn persues his subject on the granted historical truthfulness of the sacred record, yet the study of his work will give to the student a clearer, and more comprehensive view of the divine foundation on which it stands. He says, “the service which Typology renders to the investigation of the inspiration and authority of Scripture, is informal, and relates to points of agreement, of a some- what veiled and hidden nature, between one part of the divine economy and another. To obtain a clear and comprehensive view of these, one must stand, as it were, within the sacred edifice of God’s revelation, and survey with an a"entive eye its interior harmony and proportions. !ey who do so will certainly find in the careful study of the Typology of Scripture many valuable confirmations to their faith.” IV. It may be said that Dr. Fairbairn concentrated and harmonized thought on this subject, as forty years ago when he wrote his first book on Typology the ablest and most Evangelical Divines were much divided in their opinions. V. !is last and final edition has been prepared in the light of the latest investigations and devel- opements of the Bible, its land and its history. Without changing any fundamental principle, the work is very much enlarged and has many important changes. He says: “!e alterations have respect to the literature of the subject and modes of explanation on particular pionts, rather than to the views and principles which had been unfolded in connection with its main features. !ese have undergone no material alterations.” VI. Dr. Fairbairn has wri"en a number of very valuable and standard works, but the Scripture Typology may be said to be his life work, and the most valuable and popular of them all. Notwithstanding there has been such a multitude of !eologies, complete and in parts, multiply- ing and improving as they advance, there has been no thorough, hermeneutical, philsophical, and practical mastering of this subject except Dr. Fairbairn’s. !e most able Bible critics and Divines for twenty-five years have given their testimony to its com- pletenessWe give just a sample of them. !e Church English Quarterly Review , says: “By far the soberest, most systematic and most satisfac- tory work of the kind.” Dr. P YE S MITH ,—“Learned, judicious and truly Evangelical.”

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