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European Parliament screening 20-22 June 2017

Skin cancer: Outdoor workers’ no1 enemy

MEPs support EADV call The exhibition was co-hosted and opened by three MEPs Jens Gieseke (Germany, EPP), Alojz Peterle (Slovenia, EPP) and Nessa Childers (Ireland, S&D), and a representative (Emilie van Deventer) from the World Health Organization. A photo booth with sun safe hats and gloves provided a focal point for interaction and allowed MEPs and EP staff to express support by live tweeting their photos. Many MEPs participated actively and asked for information to our members. Speakers and MEPs signed the EADV call to action. During this event EADV also provided free skin cancer screenings to 130 people and information to MEPs, staff and invitees. The EADV exhibition received the support of the MAC group (Members of the European Parliament against Cancer). EADV also secured Dods/Parliament Magazine coverage (before and after the event) and Maggie Coulthard MEP (UK, S&D) said discussions had taken

Aninteractiveexhibitiontoraiseawareness of skin cancer, and ultimately ensure that it is recognised as an occupational disease, was initiated and organised by EADV’s Media & PR Committee in the European Parliament in Brussels on 20-22 June. With this exhibition, EADV helped bring to the attention of policy-makers and key actors in Europe the importance of protecting the 14.5 million outdoor workers in the EU who are twice as likely to get non-melanoma skin cancer from occupational UV exposure. EADV wants to encourage a multi-stakeholder collaboration to promote sun-safe working practices, as well as educate participants on the simple and cheap techniques of sun safe behaviour and skin cancer prevention. A UV camera operated by a dermatologist helped attendees to see the sun damages and the effect of the protection with sun cream.

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