NFP Bursary Reports Booklet 2017

Part of my work also involves writing up ‘Briefs’ for the information of the QRF team. For example, when a company such as USAID has conducted research in Jordan, I would read their entire report, and summarise it into a 2-page document which would be of relevance to QRF’s strategy, before circulating the brief to the different teams. My work also included data-inputting. For example, one of the pilot programmes is on using Gamification in Maths teaching amongst 9th Grade boys. After the focus groups, I would input the data into a user-friendly format and deliver it to those concerned. About my work – logistics: There were 3 other interns during the summer. The team itself was friendly and welcoming, and comprised around 60 members of staff. Working hours were officially 9am-5pm, but I often arrived at work at 8.30am and worked until 7pm. However, this was neither required nor expected. I had weekly meetings with my internship supervisor to assess my progress, and for pastoral support. I was given enormous autonomy over my work, and was treated as though I was a full-time member of the team. After work, I often met up with friends for dinner or for movies, and on the weekends, we often took to exploring Jordan’s touristic destinations. Conclusion: As I hope to have illustrated, the internship I undertook was highly rewarding, as I was afforded the opportunity to directly create and influence the Government’s Educational Policy. It is a pleasure to know that the programmes I researched and developed will be implemented in Jordan’s schools, touching the lives of many students to come. It was also a pleasure to have spent 2 months working with such a fantastic team, and I would strongly advise anybody interested in the field of educational research or policy to consider this internship.

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