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Policy & Procedure Manual McHutchison/Vaughan’s



To enable each employee to make a substantial contribution to the profitability of the Company, a comprehensive Travel and Entertainment Policy has been developed. Its purpose is to establish and to communicate equitable standards and effective guidelines for managing travel costs, and to ensure consistent and fair treatment of all employees who travel on Company business. This policy is specifically for sales personnel.

The Policy’s purpose includes:

• Providing guidance to travelers on cost effective management of travel and entertainment expenses. • Identifying reimbursable versus non reimbursable expenses • Clarifying employee responsibility for controlling and reporting travel and entertainment outlays. It is, of course, difficult to anticipate every situation that may be encountered while traveling on business. Thus it is expected that each employee exercise good judgment when incurring travel expenses, and to obtain prior management approval for any expenditure not specifically covered under the Policy. The Company will reimburse employees for usual and customary travel expenses actually incurred while on Company business. These reimbursements cover travel, lodging and meals. In addition, the Company will reimburse for entertainment expenses with customers or other employees when certain conditions are met. The following is a policy explanation of reimbursement expenses by category including specific information about the expense category to assist you in identifying those expenses and recording them on your regular expense report. Per Diem travel reimbursement is not authorized. All expenses are reimbursed based on actual voucher supported expenses. Receipts are to be submitted to support all expenditures. Receipts for all expenses are required . Policy


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