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HOSE CLAMP PLIERS FLEX Pliers with Bowden cable and tensioning slide for hard-to-reach places in engine compartment • The flexible actuating cable mechanism enables ideal working conditions even in extremely cramped spaces. The tensioning slide can also be guided to the desired position with just the Bowden cable. • With the micro-lock, the spring band clamp can be gradually opened without over-expanding it in the process. • The micro-lock holds the clamp in the open position without the application of force. • The improved tensioning slide with its integrated tensioning spring keeps the slide and the pull cable pretensioned. • The clamping holder at the handle end of the pliers fixes the Bowden cable in place and simplifies storage.

Art.-No. 0714 577 112 Available Qty. 7

Catalogue Page No. Auto N/A Metal N/A


• High light out put in a pen size. • Single button operation. • Li-ion battery longer operation time. • Torch function offered by additional LED on the base. • Strong housing, for durable use. • With Pen clip and magnet, for easy positioning.

Catalogue Page No. Auto 02 0937 Metal 07 0761

Art.-No. 0827 500 010 Available Quantity 262

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