Wrights Combined Flyer May -June 2019

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Lisa Automatic Vacuum Sterilizer The Lisa offers a raft of added benefits including an intuitive user interface and user oriented menu structure making it easy to operate. Currently offering the fastest B cycle of 30 minutes for an average load of 2kg, the Lisa improves efficiency, saving time. The enhanced ECO dry system is gentle on your instruments, increasing their working life. Connectivity with enhanced traceability and ergonomics is thanks to the Wi-Fi connection and app for Real Time Remote Monitoring. Other benefits: Automatic water filling, water separation system, dust filter and water quality sensor.

W%H19932114 - 22 Litres Chamber £5,195

W%H19931114 - 17 Litre Chamber £4,595


ThermoKlenz Washer Disinfector Dryer. This modern underbench thermo washer disinfector dryer enables you to clean handpieces and instruments safely and comply with current national decontamination guidance.

MS Autoclave

MS S-type sterilizer with a validated handpiece 18 minute cycle. The MS offers exceptional price-performance ratio with two new cycles offering increased speed and efficiency with a 22 litre load capacity which is up to double that of a standard N type benchtop sterilizer. W%H19952113 - MS 22

W%H90000151 - Under Bench Washer with Data Logger. W%H90000191 - Bench Top Washer with Data Logger.

ONLY £2,750

ONLY £4,450



Assistina Twin The new Assistina Twin is ergonomically designed to work effectively and efficiently making it easy to maintain your handpieces in just 10 seconds. The Twin is the first reprocessing device to be equipped with two process chambers that can be used alternately, thus allowing for non-stop loading, making it easier and quicker to use. W%H0110 - Assistina TWIN.

Assistina 301 plus

For internal rotational cleaning and lubrication of one handpiece in 35 seconds. W%H90000031 - 301 Plus

ONLY £1,345

ONLY £985



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