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Casework CornerStone Inset Steel Casework

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Wood Casework

Hoods and Enclosures Isolator 3 Bench Top Fume Hoods Isolator Walk In Fume Hoods 24-25 Fume Hood Fittings and Accessories 26-27 Variable Air Volume Fume Hood Controller 28 Auto Sash Controller 29 Exhaust System Recommendations 30 Ductwork and Accessories 31-32 Fume Hood Fans 33 Exhaust Snorkels 34-35 Shelving Systems Brushed Zinc Bench Shelving System 37-38 Shelves, Retaining Lips and Reagent Poles 39 Painted Bench Shelving System 40-41 Lab Workstations and Tables Heavy Duty Steel Tables 42-43 Envision Workstations 44-47 Lab Workstations 48-49 Balance Tables 50 Technical Workstations 51-53 Technical Workstation Accessories 54-55 Work Surfaces Modular Work Surfaces 56-58 Fittings and Faucets Faucets 59 Service Valves 60 Electrical and Pegboards 62 Emergency Equipment Eyewashes and Showers 61 Sinks Epoxy and Stainless Steel Hand Wash Sinks 63 Stainless Steel Sinks 64 Seating Chairs 65-68 Stools 67 Lab Furniture Accessories Raceways and Task Lighting 69 Cylinder Restraints 70 Bio-Trapper Waste Container 71 22-23

We have the lab furnishings you need when you want them. Our quick delivery lab furnishings program is much more than just the availability of product. Our experienced team of Furni- ture Specialists, Project Designers, and Project Managers are ready & available to lead you through the completion of your fast track lab renovation, or new lab project. Our Furniture Team is organized into focused and coordinated units that offer: - Clear and easy communication - In depth planning for every kind of lab - An extensive inventory of top-quality furniture and components - Comprehensive project supervision from initial planning through the final installation of your project

Lab Design Guidelines Design Considerations and Goals Elements of an Efficient Lab Lab References and Standards


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