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Sculptures aren’t the easiest pieces of artwork to incorporate into a home. They tend to take up more space than a canvas painting and can stand out like a sore thumb if they don’t blend well with the rest of a room’s decor. But you don’t have to install a replica of Michelangelo’s David to bring a taste of this three-dimensional art form into your residence. According to experts, a sculpture doesn’t have to be from the Renaissance period, it just has to cut through space in a way that a flat piece of art cannot. A geometric chandelier, a side table carved from wood, an architectural detail – these are all sculptures. And the best way to introduce them and other sculptural work into your home is to follow these simple tips: one is often enough, give a sculpture breathing room by letting it stand on its own and pay attention to proportion and scale. HOW TO INCORPORATE A SCULPTURE INTO YOUR HOME

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