Happy New Year A Look Back While Moving Forward


I t is with great pride that I present my first P r e s i d e n t ’ s Message. As I said in my brief speech at the Annual Meeting, I am still not sure

By Joseph Babich

Toosje Koll and John Shelby at Lobster Dinner

Salvation Army Outreach Committee

how I got here. I know it started with Toosje Koll getting in my grill 10 years ago and demanding an answer as to why I had never been a Member of The Sutter Club. I of course was very familiar with The Sutter Club, having been a guest on many occasions over the years, but never considered joining. I am sure working my way up the ranks as a young attorney, while simultaneously raising four children with my wife Monica, caused me to overlook the opportunity of a Club membership. I also did not understand the concept of a social club at the time. That has all changed. The children are all adults, Monica and I are grandparents and I not only understand, but have fully embraced this wonderful Club. My membership began 10 years ago, shortly after my father, the Honorable Judge Joseph G. Babich, AKA Dad, died. He was never a Member of the Club but he did contribute in a small way to The Sutter Club lore regarding Earl Warren’s path that leads from the Capitol to the Club.

Kentucky Derby Event

City Food Bank Outreach Committee

Four Generations of Past-President Frank Read Family

Gary Zilaff at the Holiday Tea Event

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John Goralka, Thanksgiving Dinner at the Club

Hector Barajas Family at Breakfast with Santa

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