Refreshed home page

Current home page


• Increased site width to create definition and impact whilst utilising the new browser / monitor sizes which are now common practice. • Typography - creating contrast and hierarchy through heading and content styles helping the user to find relevant content more easily.


• Telephone number displayed in a clear and prominent position on all pages of the site.

• Striking and defined navigation aiding UX.


• Full browser width for maximum visual impact.

• Concise headlines, less clutter and stronger CTA buttons (call to actions).

How we can help

• Larger, established and distinctive section tabs.

• Coherent sign posts (CTA) to the relevant pages within the site.

Modular content areas

• Increased width bringing the content areas to the forefront.

• A cleaner look and feel without key lines and drop shadows.

• Discernable content clearly sign posted to encourage engagement.

Case study

• Bold impactful campaign imagery with the brands logo to reinforce credibility.

Client logos

• Creating visitor trust and strengthening credibility for the big global brand whilst not alienating the small businesses.

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