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DECLUTTER YOUR COMPUTER If you use your personal computer for work or even just side projects you know how important it is to keep your hard drive organized and your software updated. A clean computer is even more important if you work for yourself, because your I.T. person most likely is you! Here are three tips to help you head off any major digital problems. 1. Keep your files and folders neat and tidy. Folders should all be labeled in an easy to understand and consistent manner. Files should be stored in the appropriate location instead of on the desktop or another random folder. 2. Back up often. Just as we’ve all learned the hard way to save our files often, we also need to remember to back them up to an external source. External hard drives are a popular and rather simple option. Just plug in the hard drive and copy your files over. You can also automate your backup process so even if you forget to copy your files – your computer won’t. 3. Keep your firewall turned on and your antivirus software updated. Be careful what files you download from the internet and don’t open email attachments from people you don’t know. similar to how Kraft paper uses wood pulp. So the mystery is solved, the manila envelope gets its name from the hemp it is made from. Courtesy of WHY IS IT CALLED A MANILA ENVELOPE? Manila hemp is derived from a species of banana, originally from the Philippines, which has tough fibers. The hemp is then used during the paper making process,

DIY DOS AND DON’TS Save your home from yourself by following these DIY Dos and Don’ts before picking up your drill and paintbrush. Do: Install flooring yourself. Just make sure you start with the proper subfloor to avoid squeaks. Don’t: Do electrical work yourself. Electricity is dangerous business and should only be dealt with by a trained professional. Do: Get a permit before doing any major work. It would be a shame to put in all that time and then have your project fail an inspection. Don’t: Tackle plumbing issues yourself. Just like electrical work, leave this one to the pros. Do: Paint your home yourself, but don’t forget the painter’s tape, which will help all of your edging and trim work look great. Don’t: Fall into the trap of believing a project is easy just because it looked easy on a TV show or on YouTube. These programs and videos are made for entertainment. Your home was made to live in.

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