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“OzzieSplash - Your Splashback Specialist”

All Glass Amethyst in Colour

N eed a Splashback for your kitchen? Sure. But what about bathrooms, showers, Butler’s Pantry, laundries, BBQ-areas, and many other application opportunities? A special designed Splashback can serve as an enhancement for every bit of wall you’d like to give a special treat. The ease of clean needn’t be your only reason for a Splashback. There are a number of benefits of Splashbacks: Great Wall Protection - The job of a Splashback is to protect your walls from splashes, stains and possible damage. Tiled Splashbacks can become damaged or stained as a result of splashes and spillages. However, with a glass splashback there are no gaps or grouting seams, making the glass splashback a superb wall-protector. Hygienic and Easy to Clean - Grouting between tiles can become dirty, greasy or

you to achieve your required end result. Outstanding customer service, quick turnaround, excellent European; ‘workmanship and quality material’, is what makes OzzieSplash a leader in the splashback industry. OzzieSplash has supplied & installed splashbacks to home owners in the upper and lower Central Coast area and reached clients as far away as parts of Sydney’s lower North shore and Newcastle (Hunter region) in the North. DIY Enthusiast? Save Your Cash Get OzzieSplash!! delivered to you, cut-to-size, ready to work with DIY Acrylic splashback materials.

mouldy. With the smooth and seamless quality of a Splashback, cleaning is much simpler, without the need to worry about grout stains or mould. Appearance and Colour - The colour of your kitchen Splashback and walls will significantly denote the character of your kitchen, making this an important consideration. Almost an unlimited number of colours, cuts, designs and finishes are available, all of which can be tailored to the colour and design of your kitchen and home finish. OzzieSplash supplies and installs SPLASHBACKS in Glass, Mirror, Acrylic and Metaline. Our Process...is straight forward. It all starts with a sound consultation on your project. Perhaps you already have a clear vision and idea? Our professional and approach will help

OzzieSplash Unit 2/13 Grieve Road, West Gosford Phone: 02 4322 7900


Crimsafe 304 grade stainless steel mesh security doors and screens

New Crimsafe Ultimate with 15 year warranty

Newly refurbished showroom

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The Impact of Art

W hen it comes to setting a tone for your home, the living room makes a smart starting point. At the centre of the house, it’s ultimately a space to unwind and gather family and friends, so it’s important to master the mood and make it stylish and inviting. Start with art. For a real “wow” effect the minute you walk in the room, choose specific elements of your space to be directly influenced by your artwork. Whether a lamp, vase, throw or cushion, the small bursts of co-ordinating colour will give your living room an eclectic and impressive charm. The trick is to not go overboard; only match three or four pieces of furniture. Think about what colours and images you like, and find relaxing and calming. Then begin to look for paintings and artwork in this colour spectrum. Finding the perfect focal piece for your living room can be overwhelming, but any time you’re struggling just revert back to colours and subject matters that make you happy. Start out by purchasing a print first, and then if you like how it looks at home,

upgrade to a painting. Think about focal point, something that showcases your personal style aesthetic and makes the room unique. One of the best ways to put your stamp on a home and prove that home is where the art is. When it comes to artwork, don’t be afraid to go bold or to look outside your comfort zone. If your living space is predominately made up of a neutral colour palette, a bright piece of artwork can make a huge visual impact. Art is all about mixology. If your living room has a striking feature wall, opt for black and white prints, paintings or photos. They’ll prevent the room from feel ing too busy or cramped. Don’t stop at one. Channel your creative energies and experiment with lots of artworks. Multiple pieces add visual impact to your living room and there are no hard-and- fast rules for mixing artwork; it’s totally up to you. Utilise your living room’s space and look for interesting ways to present your artworks. If your wall-hanging space is lacking, find shelving or walls to lean frames against.


Bushfire rated gutter guard! Stop Snakes, Rats & Possums!

Protect against Jacarandas and Pine Needles! Bird proofing!

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Stop leaves from blocking your gutters! Improve the quality of your tank water!


Choose from UV treated Poly or Aluminium and Stainless Steel Gutter guards. Manufactured for Australian Conditions FREE QUOTE ALL SUBURBS 1300 362 246

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Editor’s Note...

Dear Readers, Autumn is now upon us when the duration of daylight becomes noticeably shorter and the temperature cools down considerably. Now that we have more energy, to get things done around the home, whether it be home improvements to your home interior or exterior, or to make your home that special place that you and your family look forward to spending your time in, to make you feel happy and unwind, from everyday stresses of life each and every day. Many readers who are fortunate enough to own your own property may need inspiration to help to prepare your home to sell or rent out or you may be in the market to purchase a new home. Check out our reputable home improvement specialists inside this issue as there is a good variety to assist you to make your home what you would like it to be. Time to enjoy the great outdoors in your garden and prepare garden beds for the new seasons crops or venture out to explore the lovely Central Coast. A good time of year when the temperature is perfect and not too hot or too cold. Time to step outdoors and explore our pristine beaches, stunning natural features and our picturesque national parks. This edition we are featuring ‘Best Eating Spots’ for our locals and visitors to the area to enjoy. There are many to choose from with a good variety of different types of cuisine from some of the best venues here on the coast. Let someone else do the cooking and enjoy... Plenty of ideas for those of you who feel the need to go away to escape your usual routine and get away and explore what life has offer in other areas or just stay at home and unwind with a good book to read. I hope you enjoy our Autumn edition. Stay safe and happy reading...


Alison Robinson

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Best Regards,

Alison Robinson

P r e m i u m Q u a l i t y C h i l d C a r e a t a n a f f o r d a b l e p r i c e

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Spaghetti with garlic, bacon and prawns

INGREDIENTS 4 garlic cloves, crushed 400g spaghetti 1 large onion sliced

METHOD • Cook pasta in a large pan of boiling salted water to packet instructions • Heat oil in a large, deep frypan over medium heat. • Cook bacon, stirring, for 4-5 minutes until starting to crisp. Remove and drain on paper towel. • Add onion and cook well to caramalise then add garlic cook 2 mins • Add prawns and cook one minute each side • Return the bacon to the pan • Add drained, cooked pasta and heat through then toss, add basil, season • Add chilli, stir well..to mix the olive oil through the dish Enjoy...

4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 3 bacon rashers, finely chopped 500g green prawns, roughly chopped 1/4 cup chopped basil, plus extra to serve One red chilli sliced finely

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Michael Hill – Earrings $399.00

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L ocal Resident Robyn Brown loves transforming pre-loved surfboards into art installations. he ART works by Robyn Brown

These beauties once proudly took wave riders out on the wonderful cleansing ocean, but have had their hero’s journey. “I feel the energy of the board come back to life and transform into another expression of resilience, strength and vitality that is reminiscent of the cathartic journey of self discovery and reinvention.”Robyn states. After climbing Mt Kilimanjaro last year for IWD, (as part of MacMasters local, Cate Butcher’s Wanderlust Women’s Adventures Women’s Empowerment Project) Robyn now donates a percentage of her heARTworks sales to support the local Tanzanian NGO’s visited to see first-hand how life-changing our contributions were to their communities and tribes. “It has given my artwork a greater global community purpose than just the sustainability of recycling the boards rather than adding to our local landfill”. Commission Robyn ph: 0422 600 348


THE SHED COMPANY HAS LANDED AT CENTRAL COAST TUGGERAH! 1/168 Pacific Hwy Tuggerah Phone: 02 4351 8573



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WELCOME TO OUR BOOK CLUB carefully selected by the clever folks at QBD BOOKS. No matter what your taste, the perfect book for you is just waiting to be discovered .


OUr favourite dramatic reads

Paige is the ultimate stage mother to child star Emma, until tragedy shatters everything. Now Auntie Whitney is Emma’s sole guardian; parent, friend career as a psychiatrist long ago, deciding she didn’t want children. Although she and her sister were close, she disagreed about the way her sister pushed her young daughter into a career. From a devastating loss, aunt and niece must find a way to heal their bodies and their hearts. and confidante. Whitney committed herself to her



Alicia Berenson writes a diary as an outlet and to prove to her beloved husband that everything is fine. She can’t bear the thought of worrying Gabriel, or causing him pain... Until, late one evening, Alicia shoots Gabriel five times and then never speaks another

Fixie and Sebastian are caught up in a series of IOUs - from small favours to life-changing debts - after their encounter in a coffee shop. This experience makes them take decisions that can change the course of their lives.

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From the moment Lucy met her mother-in-law Diana, she was kept at arm’s length. Diana is exquisitely polite, but Lucy knows that they’ll never have the closeness she’d like. That was ten years ago. Now, Diana has been found dead, leaving a suicide note. Lucy and Oliver wonder if her treatment for cancer had worn her down. The autopsy finds that Diana didn’t have cancer and reveals evidence of suffocation. Someone wanted Diana dead. And everyone in the family is hiding something...



In this sparkling romantic comedy, a young journalist tampers with her magazine’s horoscopes to win her friend’s heart - and sets in motion an unpredictable and often hilarious ripple effect. Sometimes destiny needs a nudge in the right direction.

Detective Chief Inspector Jack Hawksworth is

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Cheese is good for your health

Cheese is one of the most nutritious foods as it is a good source of protein, calcium and a range of vitamins and minerals. Despite being a compact nutrient package, cheese is often avoided because of its fat content. Nowadays some cheeses are made from milk containing less fat and are labelled as ‘reduced fat’ cheese. In Australia this label means that the cheese contains 75 per cent (or less) of the amount of fat in the regular cheese of the same variety. They are characterised by being milder in flavour. If these cheeses are cheddar types they may still have a fat content of 25 per cent, which should be indicated on the label. A serve of cheese (40 grams) is a good way to fulfil one of the 2 to 3 daily serves of dairy recommended for most people by the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council. Although rich in calcium, cheeses can be high in saturated fat, so reduced-fat varieties should be chosen where possible. Eat a variety of cheeses, saving the higher fat cheeses for treats.

• fresh unripened, such as cottage, cream or neufchatel, ricotta, quark, mascarpone and feta; • soft mould ripened, such as brie, camembert and blue vein; • firm, such as cheddar and Swiss cheese; and • hard, such as parmesan and pecorino. • stretched curd cheese (e.g. mozzarella and bocconcini) and washed rind cheese (e.g. gruyere).

Take note that low-fat soft cheeses, such as ricotta and cottage cheese, have much less calcium than hard cheeses, such as cheddar, and thus do not count as a full serve of dairy. Ricotta has more calcium than cottage cheese — three times as much per gram — but a regular cheddar cheese has about 10 times more calcium per gram than cottage cheese. There are 4main groups of cheese categorised according to production techniques and maturity:

The Clinical Skin Clear or Lamprobe 4000 is a unique instrument for the effective treatment of a wide range of common minor skin irregularities. This exceptionally quick system uses radio and high frequency technology for the easy and precise removal of minor skin irregularities without penetrating the surface of the skin. This combining of the two frequencies does not leave a lingering burning sensations, as some other methods do when removing lesions. This new technology is the preferred alternative to the more common procedures of cutting or Cryo burning lesions off, as the risk of complications such as scaring or pigmentation are easily avoided and the main reason for this is that the tissue surrounding the lesion being treated is not affected and is left unharmed. Treatable conditions include: Skin tags, Spider Naevi, Cholesterol Deposits, Warts, Freckles, Age Instantly Visible Results

spots, Moles, Telangiectasis, Clogged Pores, Acne (Dries up Pimples and Pustules) and many other minor skin conditions. Non-invasive with minimum discomfort the Clinical Skin Clear treatments are exceptionally quick (3-5 seconds), with instantaneous results. One treatment only is required and no anesthesia is needed. Natural Illusions offers a wide range of beauty services to clients in a comfortable environment by

Custom Creations - Cabins, Granny Flats, Decks, Cubby Houses, Home offices, Timber sheds... we’ve got you covered. a professionally trained Beautician with over 25 years of experience. They are up to date with all the latest trends in the industry and will refer you to a doctor if they cannot assist you with your procedure. Natural Illusions For information call 4332 9296


Display Village: 36 Empire Bay Dr, Kincumber Give us a call today for a free consultation or arrange to visit our display village. CORSICA, 20m 2

SICILIA, 30m 2

Ph:1300 516 451


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Builder Lic No: 318042C

8 Home

The inside story by Guy Thornycroft A nyone who has done the same task a number of times knows tips and tricks they didn’t know the first time. Here are a few to make laying new flooring easier: 1. Howmuch flooring do I need? Waste is inevitable from short ends to ripped boards in the last row of each room. One solution is to round every measurement up and order an extra pack. On average 5% extra should be enough. ProFlooring will let you return unopened packs so order one extra or keep it for future mishaps, but being 3 boards short is worth avoiding!

4. When do I need to level the sub-floor? Manufacturers’ recommend installation on a subfloor with variation in levelness no greater than 3mm over a 3m span. Check all areas with a straight edge and fill those areas outside the tolerance. (eg: a 2m 2 ‘depression’; 5mm deep in the centre, but diminishing to 0 at the edge needs filling) You can plane and sand the high spots of a timber subfloor to QuickStep have produced an excellent “How To” video that is worth watching before you start: See: https://www.quick-step.com.au/en-au/floor- ing/how-to-install-your-floor ProFlooring at 258 West St, Umina is open to offer you advice and help to make your job easier. reduce the need for levelling. 5. Where can I learn more?

2. Why leave a gap around the edge? Floating floors will expand and contract in response to moisture in the air. A 10mm gap all around will ensure the flooring can move unnoticed. Most movement is in the width of the boards. Cover the gap with 19mm skirting (which looks the best) or scotia (Quad). A second layer of kick boards in the kitchen as an alternative to scotia. (Call My Kitchen Star) 3. What underlay should I use? Underlay negates small imperfections like screw heads. It provides a moisture barrier below your floor and can add an acoustic barrier. A 2mm combilay is adequate. Lay it one width at a time before covering with flooring. High density underlay will reduce noise transfer if laying upstairs.


Bamboo Timber & Laminate Flooring

Large Showroom Free Measure and Quote www.proflooring.com.au

258 West Street, Umina Beach P:4342 6666 | email:info@proflooring.com.au

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Tips for preparing your house to sell

M ake the garden and facade of the house look presentable Make sure you pay attention to the details. Replace any chipped paving, clean out the garden shed and garage, replace any dead trees and plants, tidy up the gardens, place pot plants out the front of the house and invest in a new door mat. The outside of the house is the first impression that a potential buyer is going have of the property and you have one chance to make it a good one. Clean the windows This step is often overlooked but it will make an enormous difference to the overall appearance of your home. Consider hiring a professional if you have lots of windows. They have the equipment and know how to get a big job done quickly Clear your home of any clutter Get rid of any excess furniture, knick- knacks, books and trinkets. When people are

Book a pet sitter Pets can be an enormous deterrent for some buyers. Even if your pet doesn’t leave hair or odours, a non-animal lover sees your beloved cat or dog they will start to imagine a cavalcade of hair and odours that make the house unliveable to them. Call in a professional cleaning team Potential buyers will scrutinise every corner of your home especially the bathrooms and kitchen. Hire professional cleaners to steam clean your bathrooms, floors and cupboards. You don’t want to lose a sale over some toilet mould that you missed last time you cleaned the bathroom. Put in the effort and you’ll reap the rewards. Be bothered to get that little stain out of the carpet, to give the oven a proper cleaning and to make sure that your home smells beautiful. The next owner of your home will be sold on these details.

looking to buy a home they’re going to look everywhere and that includes in cupboards, attics, basements, garages and hall cupboards. Remove any clutter completely or have any extras stored until you’ve sold your home Repair any damage You may not think that a potential buyer will notice that the kitchen sink pipe is wrapped in duct tape but there’s likely to be at least one person who will seek out the hot water system, the meter box and every exposed pipe in the house to make sure it’s working. Be thorough with your repairs or you might risk losing a sale. Get the lighting right Use lamps, candles and dimmer switches to make sure the lighting is ambient and welcoming. You want to make people feel like they want to live in your home.

Aged care financial advisers you can trust

Our services include: • Supporting you and your loved ones in accessing government benefits and entitlements • Planning your financial strategy for a transition to home care, retirement villages or residential care • Estate and taxation planning Aged Care Financial Planning Our services include: • Aged Care Facility Neg tiations • Aged Car Fee Minimisation Ce trelink & DVA Maximis tion • Cashflow Analysis Family Home options Shop 4 Niagara Park Shops, 16Washington Avenue, Niagara Park NSW 2250 P. 02 4320 4000 | E. info@tbaagedcare.com.au | tbaagedcare.com.au


TBA Financial Services Pty Ltd (ABN 46 002 163 886) t/asTBAAged Care FinancialAdvisers is an authorised representative and credit representative ofAMP Financial Planning Pty Limited,Australian Financial Services Licensee andAustralian Credit Licensee.

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Thinking of Buying or Selling Property? Karlene’s Conveyancing provides you with friendly, professional straight forward and stressͲfree advice. Over 30 years Experience Call today for an obligation free consultation Shop 4 / 330 West Street, Umina Beach Phone: (02) 4342 3925 Fax: (02) 4341 5223 Email: stephensonsre@ozemail.com.au Family business established in 1986 @stephensonsre We’ll look after all your real estate needs Specialising in: - Residential Management & Sales - Commercial Management & Sales

Improve Property Value with a New Kitchen

A modern, well designed kitchen will increase the value of the home by much more than the costs involved – and perhaps make an unwanted property a desirable purchase for a prospective buyer. A time will come when you are ready to renovate your kitchen for personal satisfaction or to make life easier for the family and sometime in the future the family home will be sold, either on retirement or to move to another area.Bear in mind that the proceeds from the sale of the family home are tax free, which means that apart from a new kitchen providing you with a better lifestyle, it could be one of the best investments you will ever make. Hats off kitchens are a cousin company to Gillmer kitchens in Brookvale. Gillmer kitchens were founded by four brothers – John, Merv, Ron and George, with their father Eleaser and have been a family owned business since its establishment in 1955. Over the years there have been more than 30 family members involved in the company. Jim Gillmer started working with his family in 1981 and founded

Hats off kitchens when he moved back to the Central Coast to be closer to his family in 2005. His Aunty Terry was the director of Gillmer kitchens at the time and in 2009 Terry retired and passed Gillmer kitchens onto Jim. Both businesses are run from our head office in Charmhaven on the NSW Central Coast and are owned and managed by Jim Gillmer and Jenna Hartman (maiden name Gillmer). Nothing substitutes for experience. If you want a kitchen company with a proven track record, Hats off kitchens has been in business since 2005 and has always managed to attract and keep a solid customer base because of its competitive pricing and friendly service. Hats off kitchens pride themselves on never having to charge exorbitant rates for good quality kitchens, and offer a design and delivery service of around 4 weeks. The kitchen is an integral part of your home and a meeting place for all the family. It is a fun place to congregate at parties or make memories with the children or grandchildren. Phone: 4393 0037

W hen it comes to negotiation, property sellers are often attracted to buyers who have pre-approved finance over those who don’t. Loan pre-approval lets you head into the purchase process knowing the maximum amount you have to spend on the property, giving you confidence to buy at auction or negotiate on price. It also saves you from looking at places that aren’t in your price range. It is important to keep in mind that pre-approved finance is typically a limited time offer and it does not lock you into a loan. Write down a list of features that the property must have, including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you require, whether you need a covered garage, or perhaps a generous backyard for your children to play or for family pets. Once you know exactly what you’re looking for, you can narrow down the list of homes you wish to inspect. Don’t visit properties that don’t meet most of your requirements – unless you’re willing to spend big on renovations. Buyers - Getting your finance pre-approved

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“caring for your quality of life”

CALL 4333 6511 for friendly expert advice

Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Sat 10am-2pm 27Fairview Ave,The Entrance (Opposite Centrelink) Nutritional Cancer Support SERVICE

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By Geoff Garlinge

Q: I’vebeenunder ahugeamount of stress for the past year and have now been hit with a terrible case of shingles. My energy has gone, I’m having headaches for the first time ever and the pain is totally unbearable. When the blisters on my face and torso broke, I felt like I wanted to die. They still haven’t healed and now I’ve got a different type of continual pain that I’ve never experienced before. In desperation I paid my GP a visit, but that brought no relief. The doctor basically toldme togohome and rest until it settles down and that the painwill eventually go of its own accord! That’s really no option forme inmy horrible situation. I’ve had multiple kids all without an epidural, so I do have a high pain tolerance. But this shingles attack is intolerable and I need a quick way out of trouble now – preferably without drugs. The doc saidpainkillerswon’twork anyway, so I supposedly need to ride it out until it leavesmy system, theblistersheal and theseverepain finally leaves. Forgive me for sounding rude, but she’s obviously never experienced shingles herself, or therewouldbeat least adegreeof empathy. Are there any natural remedies that can help me through this? Right now I’mwilling to try anything toescape thepain. A: Though it’s no real consolation to you, shingles is sadly a very common condition occurring especially in those aged 50 & above. It strikes without warning and often in situations such as yours where there has been ongoing compounded stress. Typically it causes acute pain, fatigue & headaches. To clarify what has happened to you, the typical pathway for the Varicella-zoster infection (a member of the notorious herpes family) is to initially break out as a bout of chicken pox in infants, after which it lays dormant until decades later suddenly manifesting as shingles. After an attack takes place, if a sound preventative strategy is not implemented & maintained in order to stay well, subsequent attacks often occur with even greater severity. However, rest assured help is at hand. I’ve personally assisted many sufferers to totally overcome this awful scourge since the 1980s. In extreme cases the virus can actually travel to the brain, causing memory loss as well as severe uncontrollable spasms. Such was the case of a helicopter pilot who visited me while experiencing up to 300 seizures a day (30 just while attempting

Q: My Dad passed away with bowel cancer last year, as did his brother 4 years earlier. My friends are now strongly encouraging me to consider having a colonoscopy. I respect and will appreciate your opinion on this. I feel I’m in reasonably good health for a 49 year old, but so did my Dad and even having chemo & radiation he rapidlydeterioratedandwasgonewithin2yearswith secondary liverandfinally lungcancer.It’snotthatI’m constantly living in fear, but am however looking for direction for thebest natural way togo incase it does knockonmydoor too. A: So sorry to hear of your loss. Bowel cancer is unfortunately commonplace and I hear real heart-wrenching stories like yours on a daily basis. Regarding your colonoscopy question, there is of course always a degree of risk associated with any invasive medical procedure with the corresponding need to undergo a general anaesthetic. In this particular scenario, risks include perforation of the bowel and in some cases even death. Geneticpredispositionisarealityandmanysuchas yourselfandthousandsofotherswhohavelostclose family members to bowel cancer, it is nevertheless not only the logical strategy, but furthermore in my opinion indeed imperative. To put it simply, the potentialbenefitsfaroutweightheriskandmultitudes of lives can be saved via early detection. Both premature death and unnecessary suffering can be averted in the process of undergoing a Colonoscopy. Coupled with an Endoscopy, stomach cancer and other problems may also be detected during the course of the procedures, thereby allowing for early interventionthatagaincancreatethechancetosave a life in real terms. Having seen so many people who thoughtallwasOK,onlytobedevastatedwhenthese procedures discovered not only malignant polyps, but in many cases metastasis having already taken place in the liver...I ama huge fan of the forewarned = forearmed principle. Without any doubt, prevention wherever possible via employing both a healthy lifestyle as well as these and other diagnostic procedures is the ideal path tobe in thebest possible position to detect and resist degenerative disease. Whilst certainly not inevitable that you will follow in the unfortunate tragic footsteps of your Dad & uncle, you will certainly also be wise to take charge of your healthbymakingnatural healthychoicesdaily.

to walk down the street to my office!). Thankfully I was able to help him to make a full recovery, with the pain being 100% resolved naturally. He quickly regained his energy, even receiving far more than he’d previously ever had once his healing had taken place. The pilot was then able to regain his licence, as well as to once again function at the high level required to maintain his vocation. This extreme case clearly demonstrates there indeed are natural answers to your plight. In defence of your physician, the classic problem when dealing with shingles doesn’t relate to a lack of duty of care. Rather it is the absence of education concerning both benefits & application of relevant Nutraceuticals & supplementation required that is the underlying problem. So please don’t be hard on her as resentment will only cause you more stress, whichwill in turn exacerbate your condition and also actually hinder the healing process. Now for the natural solution to your dilemma... In conjunction with Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbate), Propolis will be a major blessing in your situation from both a topical as well as internal perspective. Together they will synergistically alleviate the pain in the nerve endings you are presently suffering, reduce the inflammation, whilst also serving to accelerate your healing. You will need to use both the tincture&creamon theblisters. Takeeachof the followingmorning&night: *2x Propolis 1000mg (NG) Plus 3 x 1 level teaspoon Vit C & Magnesium powder (CH) daily in Pure Cherry Juice. Finally, build up Organic Bee Pollen (AO) to 1 heaped tablespoon at the beginning & end of the day with ½ spoon (supplied) of Pure Fresh Royal Jelly in 20+ Red Gum Honey (WA). This regime makes for an integral part of an ongoing immune boosting anti-inflammatory preventative health strategy for those fortunate enough to have dodged the virus that will also offer added anti-viral protection. As always any medications you may be currently taking need to be stated & taken into consideration in order for any potential contraindication to be checked beforehand. * 1 xAlkoxyglycerols 1000mg (OH) * 1 xBio-availableQ10 150mg (AH) *2xBio-Circumin5400 (HOG) *4xSunChlorellaA500mg * 1 xGinseng4Energy (HOG)

© 2018 GEOFF GARLINGE Dip. HC MRA (Medical Reg. Aust) - Geoff Garlinge is a Certified Health Counsellor, Nutritional and Nutraceutical Cancer Support Specialist & consultant to Australian University research facilities and the Natural Health Industry. With 30 years experience in the field, Geoff has lectured with and to Doctors, Pharmacists & CMPractitioners concerning Natural Health strategieswith a reach into Asia & TheMiddle East. The author of many articles in national publications and founder of AUSTRALIA’S OWN which he has headed up for the past 23 years. He may be contacted on 1300 888 012

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Autumn Arrivals now in store at Instep Footwear

I nstep Footwear have been servicing our local community and providing quality footwear for over 25 years in Gosford’s Imperial Centre. Trish Davies and her staff pride themselves on providing excellent service and can offer professional advice and extensive product knowledge relating to any chosen style for their customers . Located on the lower level near The Reject Shop, come in and see our new Autumn arrivals for many exciting options. Popular brands like Skechers, Django and Juliet, Zeta, Step Lites comfort shoes and Cabello are just some of the many brands we offer with lots of options in great fashion styles providing good comfort and fit. We also have an extensive range of Ziera shoes (previously known as Kumfs) from women’s casual shoes to dress shoes, walking shoes, corporate classics; Ziera orthotic-friendly shoes have extra depth and a removable inlay to accommodate your custom orthotic.

Our selection

of ladies handbags receive many great reactions from our customers. Sakroots unique leather bags and

Autumn Arrivals

wallets in various colours and styles are always eye catching. Gabee and Modapelle hand painted leather bags and wallets are very popular and Cadelle provide many options in beautiful soft leathers and various colours. Come in and see us and we will help you make the right choice.

Shop 136, Imperial Centre, Gosford Phone: 4324 2264

Guest pass FREE No obligation 8WEEKS $ 149 * FITNESS Get strong & stay strong


Membership benefits include:

30minute fitness Total bodyworkout

Equipment designed for women Variety of specialised circuits In-Club coaching

All inoneplace!

^Termsand conditionsapply.

‘Good Old Fashioned Service with a Smile’ SHOP 136, IMPERIAL CENTRE GOSFORD PH 4324 2264


SUBURB 0000 0000 Street Address One Suite 17, Karalta Plaza, Karalta Lane Call: 4367 2204 ERINA

*Offervalid from 1/11/16until 31/12/16atparticipating clubs.Available tonew 18+memberswho signup toan8weekfitnesspackage for$149.Packagepayableup front in fullat the timeof signing. Fitnessaccessonlyavailableat the clubwhere thepackage ispurchased.OfferexcludesCurvesSmart®andCurvesComplete®.Equipmentmayvary between clubs.Visithttp://curves.com.auorask in club for full TermsandConditions.©2016Curves. All rights reserved.

^Valid for7 consecutivedays,at the same club.Mustbeusedby31.12.17First timeusersonly.Age 18+.No cashvalue.7dayFREE trialexcludesCurvesComplete,CurvesSmartandCurvesTravelPass.ClubTerms andConditionsapply.©2016CurvesAll rights reserved.

We deliver on Price and Service

Suppliers of STEEL BUILDING PRODUCTS for Homes and Building Structures

DIY Stairs DIY Stairs

Pool Fencing Pool Fencing

Adjustable Pier Systems Adjustable Pier Systems





Retaining Walls

Easy Self Assemble Carport Kit

Stylish Screening

9 Cessnock Street, Cessnock PHONE: 1800 304 304 www.metalmates.com.au | email: sales@metalmates.com.au

Mention this add to get free delivery on orders over $1000 must be within Central Coast, Newscastle and Hunter Valley area

‘Vision without compromise’ LONG SPAN RETRACTABLE SCREEN Freedom Infinity Retractable Screens The INFINITY ZIPLINE range of screens are designed especially for the larger openings, with stronger mesh and a mesh to track retention system that prevents mesh blow out in windy areas. Screening up to 4.5m in a single screen and 9m in a double screen. Easy to operate patented Braking system, as with all Freedom Retractable Screens, allows the screen to stop in any position along the track, providing versatility of use, preventing the screen from springing back into the housing. High quality fibreglass mesh. Heavy duty construction, built to last. Full Dulux Powder Coat colour range and Clear Anodized, to match Timber and Aluminium. INFINITY SCREENS also available in Pull Down style for Servery windows & Alfresco areas. All screens are custom made to suit individual requirements and installed by our experienced Installers. Motorised Outlook Screen also available, ideal for large outdoor areas, spanning 4.7m in width with a 3m drop. Always improving our innovative design, Australian owned, designed & manufactured. Backed by a limited five year warranty.

Premium Long Span, Retractable Screens... sleek retractable screen for large openings The NEW ZL2 retractable screen is a modern and sleek retractable screen for large openings to provide protection from flies, mozzies and

M ™ INFINITY ZIPLINE ™ SPANS UP TO 7.2 METERS The screen works with various external door configurations including bi-fold doors, sliding doors and stacking doors to name a few. Another great feature of the ZL2 is that it can even be used on large corner openings. The ZL2 can be fitted either internally or externally and comes in a variety of powder coat colours. The ZL2 is constructed using high quality materials and components that include Freedom’s innovative braking system and fully anchored mesh for high wind resistance. With its large spanning options, its low profile construction, flush handles and sleek design the ZL2 is the ultimate retractable screen. other irritating insects, while providing your home with a stylish indoor/outdoor living accessory to complement your existing decor. The new ZL2 retractable fly screen system can span up to 6.5 metres for a single sided unit, and amazingly a full 13 metres for a double sided unit! The screen glides smoothly over a 12.5mm low profile track. With a fully flush handle and concealed fixing throughout, the ZL2 fits harmoniously in any architectural setting.

sliding stacker doors and corners and large difficult

The Feedom ™ Infinity Zipline ™ screen spans up to 3.6 meters in a single screen and up to 7.2 meters in a double screen and adopts a unique mesh-to-track retention system which prevents the mesh sagging and stops mesh blowouts – perfect for larger openings. The easy to operate patented Freedom ™ Brake System enables the screen to stop safely in any position along the track. The sleek retrofit housing neatly attaches to your existing opening and is available in a variety of finishes including powder-coated and anodised aluminium, coloured end caps and brake levers. • Available in a pull down style for servery windows and a remote controlled motorised roll-down. • Engineered to last the harsh Australian climate. • Backed by a limited five-year warranty with a nationwide distribution network with parts and service backup. • Made with quality Australian aluminium and premium UV resistant fibreglass mesh.

s are an elegant ntrol of your living your loved ones from

s® – innovative insect n living!

1300 S 7 C 2 R 7 E 3 E 3 N 6 www.freedomscreens.com.au Visit our website to see our full product range! 1300 S 7 C 2 R 7 E 3 E 3 N 6 Please contact the Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle team on 1300 SCREEN email:Sydney@freedomscreensnsw.com.au

Visit our website to see our full product range! www.freedomscreens.com.au


Glass, Acrylic, Mirror or Metaline Splashbacks for your Kitchen and Bathroom l , r li , irr r r etaline plashbacks for r it t roo , Laundries and Pantries Highest quality Acrylic splashbacks custom fabricated, professionally installed or DIY Eye-catching designs, custom-fit and custom-painted for your home Measured, manufactured, supplied and installed by local SPLASHBACK specialists Cost-effective solution to enhance your home’s value by covering existing wall tiles No more mouldy tiles and scrUbbing - just wipe clean!

VISIT OUR SHOWROOM MON - FRI 9 AM - 4 PM or by appointment

OzzieSplash brings local expertise, personal service, top-quality materials and world-class design to create a custom solution for your home and budget

Your One Stop Shop for Glass, Mirror, Acrylic and Metaline Splashbacks

OzzieSplash specialises in shower, bathroom, kitchen and laundry Splashbacks

Unit 2, 13 Grieve Road, West Gosford info@ozziesplash.com.au www.ozziesplash.com.au

PHONE 02 4322 7900

The Splashback Specialists

Best Eating Spots. . . .Best Eating Spots. . . .Best Eating Spots. . . .Best Eating Spots. . . .

A place for local nomadic spirits to gather

E mily Caska welcomes you to Avoca Surf House, offering contemporary casual dining in a relaxing, chic setting with an emphasis on sustainable local produce and fresh seafood. Situated right on the stunning Avoca Beach, overlooking the ocean, sit back and relax and enjoy the friendly service and fully licensed facilities. Enjoy a casual lunch, or a drink or two at the bar or come and experience our innovative and appetising menu for dinner. Avoca Surf House is the perfect ocean viewRestaurant and our philosophy is to have a heart, a conscience and a focus on our community. We strive to achieve this through our commitment to disability employment, environmentally sustainable practices and regular charity events and community activities. We love to party... we simply adore hosting any special occasions, and go over and above to ensure yours is a success! Welcoming groups from 8 to 150 guests, our open plan space is available for both sit down and cocktail style functions. We offer in house event styling including decorations, balloons, flowers and have a range of local live music artists we can also engage on your behalf. Come and browse in our exciting shop featuring seasonally curated homewares, gifts, spices, cookbooks, children’s products, eco goods and more. We are open Wednesday to Sunday from 12pm to late; offering all day dining, drinks and bar snacks. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay informed of our regular special events and community activities as we host regular wine dinners, workshops, talks, beer tastings and more. Upstairs 85 Avoca Drive, Avoca Beach Phone: 0422 843 065 email: hello@avocasurfhouse.com.au This relaxed waterside restaurant, located in Terrigal, boasts 180-degree views across the water to the iconic Skillion, with outdoor dining that allows you to walk straight out onto the sand. Weddings Complimentary Beverage Package Upgrade Purchase any Beverage Package with a food menu and receive a Complimentary Upgrade* Local’s Nights BYO Wine Every Wednesday & Thursday from 6.00pm with BYO wine! Menu changes weekly and features local seasonal produce* Saturday Lunch $39 per person Enjoy a 2 course meal at Maccoa with a glass of wine from the Fern Hill Range for only $39.00 per person* Available Saturdays, special lunch menu changing weekly.

Mention this ad when making a group booking of 8 or more and receive TWO COMPLIMENTARY BOTTLE OF BUBBLES *

1 Ocean View Drive, Terrigal NSW 2260 P: 02 4385 3855 E: bookings@maccoa.com.au W: www.maccoa.com.au *Full Terms & Conditions apply.

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18 Home

Best Eating Spots. . . .Best Eating Spots. . . .Best Eating Spots. . . .Best Eating Spots. . . .

Address: upstairs, 85 avoca drive, avoca beach Hours: wednesday to sunday 12pm to late

causal contemporary all day dining + bar + shop Bookings: 0422 843 065 www.avocasurfhouse.com.au

Address: 92 Terrigal Esplanade, Terrigal. Hours: Monday - Thursday 5pm til late, Friday - Sunday 12pm til late Bookings: 0466 888 653 bookings@mumbojumbos.com.au

Address: Peninsula Recreation Precinct, Sydney Avenue, Umina Beach Hours: Take-away kiosk open 7 days - 7.30am - 4pm. Licensed Restaurant open Friday, Saturday & Sunday 7.30am - 4pm Bookings: 4344 5398 www.jasminegreens.com.au Photos by Jacks Powell

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Best Eating Spots. . . .Best Eating Spots. . . .Best Eating Spots. . . .Best Eating Spots. . . .


108 Terrigal Esplanade, Terrigal (opposite beach)

Hours: Open:

Tuesday to Sunday 11am-8pm

7 days in Summer

Bookings: 4384 3780


Avoca Beach Hotel 326-360 Avoca Drive, Avoca Beach


Lunch and Dinner 7 days


4382 2322

Café Burbank the perfect spot for a coffee!

Located inside Burbank House and Garden Nursery at Kincumber, our cafe is open 7 days. See over for our weekly specials.

COUPON - buy one coffee get one free cutalongdashed line ! Burbank house&garden u b o

30 Empire Bay Dr, Kincumber Ph: 4368 2220

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20 Home

Best Eating Spots. . . .Best Eating Spots. . . .Best Eating Spots. . . .Best Eating Spots. . . .

The Boatshed @ Gosford Sailing Club……How Good Is This! The Boatshed Bar & Café at Gosford Sailing Club offers members and guests the ultimate relaxed waterfront experience.With its expansive timber deck that stretches out over BrisbaneWater,The Boatshed offers great coffee, delightful cakes and sweet treats, light bites, and some tasty grazing options to complement your favourite drink. It’s the perfect setting for a cold beer with mates or a chilled glass of sparkling or yummy cocktail with your girlfriends.

Address: 28 Masons Parade, Gosford Hours*:

Wed: 10am-8pm Thurs: 10am-8pm Fri: 10am-10pm Sat: 9am-10pm Sun: 9am-7pm

*Hours subject to trade and special events

Enquiries: 4325 7216 theboatshed@gossail.com.au


Ocean Beach Hotel Corner West and Trafalgar St, Umina Lunch: Mon-Fri 11am-3pm | Dinner: Mon-Fri 5pm-9pm All Day Dining: Sat & Sun 11am-9pm



4341 2322

Address: 1 Restella Avenue, Davistown. Hours: Breakfast - Saturday - Sunday 8am -11am,

Lunch Wednesday - Sunday 11.30am - 3pm Dinner - Wednesday - Saturday 5pm til Late

Bookings: 4369 1300

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