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We have almost reached the end of 2017 and many of you will be taking a welcome and well-deserved break over December. To help ease your way into the holiday spirit, a number of our advertisers have donated a wonderful selection of gifts that you stand to win simply by entering into our #WozaDecember holiday competition. To see the line-up of gifts on offer, turn this page right.

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DRAW All the entries that we receive will go into a big box and the advertisers who have donated gifts will join the Sparks team on 17 January to draw the names of 21 lucky winners. The gifts will be delivered to the winners, whose names will be published in the February issue of Sparks Electrical News .



MCE Electric • One portable O-lite 10 W rechargeable LED work light

ARB Electrical Wholesalers • One Genmart 7.5 kVA generator blue Comtest • Two Fluke 17B+ digital multimeters Crabtree • One Samsung DVD Home Entertainment System (Model: HT-E330K) Garry Lumpe Imports KNIPEX/WIHA • Two KNIPEX seven-in-one Electrical Installation Pliers • Two WIHA six piece precision screwdriver sets, 1 000 V VDE • Two Unilite 220 Lumen LED Inspection Lamps HellermannTyton • One T151 non-contact IR thermometer with a 4 in 1 flashlight and UV leak detector Eurolux • One Dragonfly Portable Solar Light

O-Line • One STRAMM 69-piece tool kit

Three-D Agencies • Three UT890C+ digital multimeters Voltex • One Samsung Home Entertainment System (Model: HT-E350K)

Waco • One set of 120 multi-colour LED string lights • One set 120 cool white LED string lights • One set of multi-colour LED ball lights






IG: I started working in 1973 and completed an Electrical Apprenticeship at Welkom Gold Mine. I moved to Safmarine in the Merchant Navy where I learnt tenacity and to think ‘on my feet’ I was on the ships for about two years, and at the time, I completed a diploma in Industrial Electronics. Sparks: What are the greatest changes you have seen over the years? IG: The change in technology is overwhelming. Industrial electronics have taken the world by storm with LED technology, solar power, fly- by-wire and many more. Sparks: What major projects have you worked on and what is your greatest accomplishment? IG: I have been involved in various projects over the years but I think my greatest accomplishment is to still be running a successful business after 35 years. Sparks: Have you won any awards? IG: No, nothing I can brag about. Sparks: Who has been your inspiration or have you had a mentor who has influenced your career? IG: There have been many people who have inspired me whether meeting them or reading about them. Emulating them has been a form of them mentoring me. Having a balanced life, different interests and giving back to various charities is also inspirational. Sparks: What, to your mind, is one of the biggest challenges facing the industry at this time? IG: I have noticed a great lack of people with technical skills, and people who take pride in their work. It is very difficult to source good technical people and we really need them to sustain infrastructure and to minimise costs. Sparks: What do you enjoy most about your job? IG: I have a very diverse job and I thrive on it. I also enjoy dealing with people and solving problems for our customers. Sparks: How do you motivate your staff? IG: I am certainly aware that staff get demotivated and pessimistic at times. Training our staff, keeping them informed of products and management procedures as well as engaging them are some of the things that make them feel appreciated and they in turn develop a sense of belonging. As a result, they do not feel they are just a number, but rather links in the chain that forms the success of the business. Sparks: If you could ‘do it all again’, would you change anything? If so, what would that be? IG: I would definitely not start an electrical business - there are much easier businesses to run! I’m only joking! I would not change much, it has been a winning recipe, except that if I had the opportunity to start all over again, I would spend more time on staff training, modelling, database within a 20 km radius from where the service request is logged, utilising the mobile phone’s location service to ensure an ap- plicable and speedy response. The app offers a range of benefits to those registered on the BrightArk service provider network, amongst others, leads, free pub- licity, no limits on projects, a choice of working hours, favourable ma- terial prices, easy-to-use technology, a paperless operation and guar- anteed payment when the work had been done to satisfaction. The BrightArk app for property owners will soon be launched. Right now, independent service providers can register for inclusion on the app’s database by following this link: Registration is free.

study opportunities and giving staff more responsibilities so that they can become more influential in the business. Sparks: Would you advise a person leaving school to enter the electrical industry? And why? IG: Definitely! We really need technical hands-on people in our country, and as technology grows, we need to keep up and grow with it. The electrical field gives a great background to ‘spread your wings’ into so many different areas. Sparks: What is your advice to electrical contractors and/or electrical engineers? IG: Never give up, good things come to those who don’t! Sparks: What is your favourite quote? IG: I have two. The first by Vincent van Gogh – “What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” And the second by Alice Cooper, “Mistakes are part of the game. It’s how well you recover from them, that’s the mark of a great player”. Sparks: Name three things on your ‘bucket list’ (things you want to do before you ‘kick the bucket’). IG: I would like to be able to fly a helicopter; sit (not climb) on top of Mount Everest; and see as many interesting places on this wonderful planet as I can – Northern Lights, fishing in Alaska, experience Africa – the list just goes on!

Ian Greyling

IAN GREYLING is CEO of Electrahertz; he is passionate about skills, training and development in the industry. While he has been involved in various projects over the years, his greatest accomplishment has been running a successful business for over 35 years. His winning recipe includes encouraging members of his staff to be informed and to engage them so they feel part of the chain that forms the success of the business. Known for his positive attitude, Ian’s advice to anyone is simple, “Never give up!” Forever the adventurer, Ian’s bucket list includes visiting Mount Everest, fishing in Alaska and seeing the Nothern lights. Sparks: Where were you educated? IG: Christian Brothers College and Technical High School in Welkom. Sparks: How long have you been involved in the electrical industry? IG: Since 1973, so, some 44 years. Sparks: When and where did you start your career? B rightArk is an innovative mobile phone app which elevates the standards of service in the property maintenance industry to a new level and largely contributes to job creation in the field. Independent service providers in the industry can now register with BrightArk to gain access to sales leads, new job opportunities and extra income from a large number of home and building owners in South Africa who require property related services. Property owners use BrightArk to find dependable, independent property and building industry service providers when and where they need them. The app is easy to use. Users choose and log service re- quests on their mobile phones by choosing from the comprehensive services category section on the app. They include a short description of the service required and, if possible, also a descriptive photograph. The app distributes the request to suitable service providers on its



GREEN ENERGY SOLVES VETERINARY CLINIC’S ELECTRICITY ISSUES T he Panorama Veterinary Clinic & Specialist Centre has reduced its electricity grid usage by 17% through the use of alternative energy genera- tion recently installed by Energy Partners Home Solutions. Cala van der Westhuizen, Head of Marketing and Sales at Energy Partners Home Solutions, a division of Energy Partners and part of the PSG group of companies, explains that the clinic, which offers a 24-hour emergency service, had been paying at least R20 000 per month in electricity costs. In addition, its consumption often exceeded its breaker limit, which caused power outages and sporadic tripping of the power supply. The clinic made contact with Energy Partners at the beginning of 2017 with the objectives of reducing its electricity bill, lowering its impact on the environment, increasing supply capacity and adding to the value of the business. Energy Partners Home Solutions conducted an in-depth analysis into the specific requirements of the facility and determined that a 25 kW three- phase SMA inverter and 17.2 kWp polycrystalline solar panels would provide best results. “After we installed the new system, the facility’s municipal electricity bill reduced by an average of R3 565 per month and CO 2 emissions were cut by about 25 tonnes per year. More importantly, the team was able to increase the electricity supply capacity of the clinic by up to 25% during peak solar production, which means that future power outages due to overloading could be eliminated,” van der Westhuizen explains. He concludes that renewable energy has become more reliable and affordable than ever before and homeowners and small businesses alike are encouraged to research and consider the possibilities of installing alternative generation on their properties to reap the benefits.







T he switch has been flipped on a world-class solar panel installation at the WesBank and FNB campus in Fairland, north of Johan- nesburg. Just 12 months after construction began on the large-scale renewable energy project, the 150 000 m 2 Fairland campus now supplements its electrical requirements using sunshine – help- ing the bank reduce its carbon footprint by more than 2 700 tonnes per year, while lowering its de- pendency on the local power grid and passing the benefit to the community of Fairland. With more than 5 000 WesBank and FNB em-

and FNB’s initiatives to earn a 5-Star rating for its Fairland campus from the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA).

is capable of generating 1.99 MW – or enough to provide power to nearly 1 300 households. “Flipping the switch on a newera for our landmark building is very exciting. We have passionate people working to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible, using innovative solutions along the way,” says Chris de Kock, CEO, WesBank. “Coincidentally, our move to renewable, sustainable energy comes at a time when the motor industry is facing similar challenges. I’m thrilled that WesBank can also say it is embracing the future of energy.” This solar panel installation is one of WesBank

ployees based at the Fairland Campus, shaded parking is at a premium. In 2015, a feasibility study was commissioned to establish the possibility of re- placing ageing carports with solar panels. What started out as a parking lot with 978 di- lapidated shade-cloth parking bays has been trans- formed into a futuristic field, with 7 647 reflective photovoltaic cells – across 1 010 parking bays – harvesting solar energy that helps power the cam- pus. Power from the solar panels is routed through 83 km of dc cabling, where power is stored across 83 dc-to-ac inverters. At peak efficiency, the system


ILLEGAL GEYSERS AT RISK OF EXPLODING BECAUSE OF WATER OUTAGES N o solar geysers that comply with SANS could burst or explode as a result of pro- longed water outages. This is according to Arno van Wyk, managing director of solar hot water heating systems supplier, MrSola, disputing recent assertions that Phase One of the City of Cape Town’s critical water shortage plan could lead to solar water geysers bursting or exploding in af- fected suburbs. “Solar geysers and panels that are up to standard simply won’t suffer any major dam- age during awater outage. Electrical geysers are also only at risk of burning out their elements if they are completely empty. In neither of these cases could one reasonably expect an explosion.” One of the most important points to note, according to Van Wyk, is that all geysers, both electrical and solar powered, need to be fitted with temperature pressure release valves. “These valves open to release water if the temperature inside the geyser exceeds 90°C, or the pressure goes 50% over the certified working pressure of the geyser. Geysers are pressure tested at 200% of certified working pressure. The valve only closes again after the water temperature falls below 70°C. So if no cold water flows into the geyser; the valve remains open and the geyser still cannot burst.” He adds that the solar panel itself also has a steam release valve which ensures that pressure does not build up if no water circulates. “To prevent scalding if the water in the system gets too hot, a mixing valve is installed. This ensures a maximum hot water temperature of 55°C flowing to the point of use, i.e. shower heads and taps.” “Some cheaper solar heating systems that operate with vacuum tubes could potentially suffer damage if they do not have water but luckily there aren’t toomany of those in themarket. Most modern solar heating systems make use of evacuated tube technology, which does not have the same risks,” he adds. According to Van Wyk, all homeowners need to ensure their geysers are compliant with SANS codes. “If they are unsure, they need to have a professional inspect their system. In the City of Cape Town, it is a legal requirement that a home’s geyser is compliant and it is a prerequisite if one wants to sell a house.” Finally, Van Wyk states that there are some precautions homeowners need to take into account if their water supply is cut off. “Whether a solar or an electrical geyser, it is better for long- term maintenance and care if they are not empty. Therefore, we would advise that if there is a water outage in your area, use only cold water as far as possible. If you do need to use the hot water, switch off the geyser. This goes for a solar geyser, which has an electrical component, as well.

Enquiries: +27 (0)86 111 5115







run two transformers of different vector groups in parallel. A typical vector group is Dyn11. You shouldn’t run transformers in parallel anyway. Most transformers have an ‘off load’ tap changer, which means you can increase or decrease the secondary voltage by altering the high voltage tap. ‘Off load’ means do this with the transformer switch off., i.e no load current flowing at all. Otherwise, you will blow yourself up. Don’t try! The tapping is a bit confusing. Setting the tap to 105% will decrease the secondary voltage by 5%, not increase it. Check the name plate. You will also see on the name plate a figure, ‘% impedance’. This is the secondary volt drop, no load to full load. So, if a transformer produces 420 V at no load, with a 6% impedance it will produce 420/1.06 V = 396 at full load. There it is. Quite simple, but not as simple as it seems...

ings are in a tank filled with transformer oil (you get ‘dry’ transformers, which have epoxy resin insulation). The tank can be kept topped up by an oil filled tank, called a conservator. If so, there is a special relay which detects if the tank is dry or if there is a short circuit in the transformer. This relay is a ‘Bucholz’ relay and is wired to give an alarm if the oil level is low and trip if there is a short circuit. Alternatively, the transformer can be sealed with no conservator or Bucholz. This is common in sizes of 630 kVA and below. Generally,awinding temperature alarmand trip relay are incorporated to detect over-temperature. Almost without exception, the primary winding (the high voltage winding) is connected in delta and the secondary winding in star. The resulting phase angle difference gives the transformer ‘vector group’. Don’t worry if you don’t get this; all you have to know is that you can’t

THIS MONTH, I thought I would share some knowledge about trans- formers as may be found in electrical installations (as against audio and electronic). There are three broad categories of transformers: pow- er distribution transformers, voltage transformers and current trans- formers. We’ll leave out large power system transformers since they fall under Eskom and municipalities. Power transformers are made to SANS specification SANS 60076- 1:2011 Power transformers – Part 1: General. The standard sizes are 200 kVA, 315 kVA, 500 kVA, 630 kVA, 800 kVA, 1 000 kVA, 1 250 kVA, 1 600 kVA, 2 000 kVA and 3 150 kVA. Naturally bigger sizes exist. Most distribution transformers have a primary voltage rating of 6 600 V, 11 000 V, 22 000 V or 33 000 V, three-phase. In Cape Town, the most common rating is 11 500 V but not in the rest of

MARIO MAIO WINS STANDARD BANK SAPCC ENTREPRENEUR AWARD 2017 O wner and managing director of ACDC Dynamics, Mario Maio, has won the 2017 Standard Bank, SAPCC (South African Portuguese Chamber of Commerce) outstanding professional/entrepreneur award. As a proud member of the South African Portuguese community, the award means a great deal to Mario, who always does his best to grow his own business and to advance the cause of the South African Portuguese community in any way he can. The award is a deserved reflection of his hard work and of just howmuch he has managed to achieve. the country. For years, the secondary voltage was 400 V three-phase, but more recently it’s 420 V, which gives an unloaded single-phase voltage of 242 V. This is because municipalities and Eskom guarantee a terminal point voltage at the consumer of 220/240 V so the 420 V rating allows more volt drop in supply cables. There is a diversity of variations in power distribution construction. Bushings: The bushings can be open or enclosed in a terminal box. If open, it is fairly simple to discon- nect and replace the transformer but open bush- ings are a hazard and may be affected by debris and weather. Let me hasten to add that this occurs very occasionally and if you fence in the trans- former, it is more or less safe from human contact. Enclosed bushings require specialised terminations, which make disconnection and replacement diffi- cult, but the transformer need not be fenced in and can be in the same substation as the switchgear. Skids or wheels: Transformers can be mounted on skids or wheels, depending on how portable you want them to be. Skids are most common. Bolted or welded casing: The top plate of the trans- former can be bolted with an intermediate gasket, or welded. The bolted version allows for removal of the transformer core, which is hardly ever required. With or without conservator: Power transformers are generally oil-insulated, where the transformer wind-




L eading architecture, interior design, and space-planning practice Paragon was tasked by GE Global Properties to design and fit-out the Centre (GEAIC), the first green- and LEED-cer- tified GE building in Sub-Saharan Africa. GE opened its first African-based innovation centre in Johannesburg in June 2016 as part of its investment in developing home-grown solutions for Africa. The R80 million facility is the twelfth GE Innovation Centre globally. It is home to GE’s inno- vation focus across Africa, within its key business sectors of healthcare, aviation, energy, oil and gas, power, and transportation. “A holistic view was adopted for the building. We have arrived at a stage of sustainable design inter- nationally, with the minimum level being quite high. Being more than the sum of its parts, the overall fit-out aims to achieve substantially over and above

this minimum level,” says Paragon Interface Direc- tor, Claire D’Adorante. The building is designed to operate more ef- ficiently than the market average, featuring Xeris- caped gardens and water-efficient planted walls, occupancy-controlled lighting, substantial external views for occupants, acoustically-tested and -de- signed environments, and efficient water usage. D’Adorante explains that in order to be an In- novation Centre it had to prescribe to global and local best practice towards a more sustainable built environment. The overall thought process of the design focused on the use of environ- mentally-sound materials, acoustics, flexibility, ergonomics, visual comfort, waste management and water/electricity reduction in the appliance/ technology used. The engineering teams and various sub-con-

internal air quality, lighting, and thermal comfort.

tractors (HVAC, electrical, wet services) aided the process with regard to specifying and sys- tematising all the elements necessary for high

Enquiries: +27 (0)11 482 3781



I t is not every day that a company faces liquidation and the prospect of devastating job losses, and sur- vives to tell the tale. Unidrive Electric Motors Company is embarking on a second lease on life under new, majority-black women-owned management, following the acquisi- tion of the majority stake in the business by Ayanda at Work (Pty) Ltd. Between 2012 and 2013, Unidrive had cash flow challenges which pushed the business into a precari- ous financial position and the possibility of closure. This position led the company to cede its market posi- tion in the local armature winding space and lose busi- ness opportunities as clients lost confidence. Unidrive managing director Theo Mashego says, “Unidrive is one of the most recognised players in the refurbishment and supply of electric motors, and its demise would have been very sad. “We entered into discussion to acquire the majority stake in this business at just the right time, before a decision was taken to pull the plug. Starting a business such as Unidrive afresh - off the ground – could take between five and 10 years and the experience of the workforce would take forever to build again,” he says. Mashego has spent the past two years refocusing Unidrive’s business model and rebuilding business confidence. The company has re-examined its product and service offering to ensure it is compatible with the markets being serviced. “We are very competitive in the market for the re-

pair of up to 450 kW, up to 1000 V motors, and we comply with SANS 60079-0 and 60079-1 for repairs of flameproof motors. We comply with SANS 60079- 0/15/19 for spark-roof motors and pride ourselves on an impeccable safety record over the past two years. It is very important we achieve these standards as they give our clients confidence that their products are in good hands,” he says. The company saw its turnover growing in double digits between 2015 and 2016, with more upside ex- pected in 2017 with the recovering economy. “There are lots of positives in this rejuvenated business to give us indications of a positive future,” says Mashego.

A SIMPLE-TO-USE FIRE-EXTINGUISHING device has been introduced to the local mar- ket by Centurion’s Fire & Security Techniques (FST). The FST Fire Orb is a self-activating, portable fire-extinguishing device that activates automatically when in contact with open flames. It is effective for use against all types and classes of fires, from electrical shortages to fat, oil, and paraffin stove fires, vehicle fires, and workshop and factory fires. The FST Fire Orbs can be wall-mounted for maximum effectiveness, explains Fire & Security Tech- niques CEO, Neil Hughes. Each FST Fire Orb weighs only 1.3 kg, making it lightweight and easy to handle and operate. It consists of a lightweight case of frangible material, with a protective exterior sheathing. The internal cavity contains a pyrotechnic detonator at or near the centre of mass. It is activated by fuse cords extending to the surface. The device is filled with mono am- monium phosphate, a non-conductive dry chemical powder, which means it can be used on any electrical product without resultant damage. The detonator incorporated in the FST Fire Orb is a small, non-lethal explosive mechanism. The force of the bursting device is non-harmful to humans, animals, or property, and the effect is further minimised by the use of low-density, low-mass components. This means no part of the device has sufficient mass or density to constitute a ballistic hazard or result in concussive shock. The FST Fire Orb activates automatically upon direct contact with open flames, and not heat. Upon activation, it emits a loud bang of between 119 dB to 138 dB as a warning signal, and disperses the dry chemical powder in order to extinguish the fire. The device is simply rolled or thrown into the fire, whereupon it activates within three to seven seconds. FST Fire Orbs have passed tests conducted by the PSB Corporation and Sirim Qas International for Class A, B, and C fires. Additional tests carried out include thermal resist- ance, burst effect, sound level, compression resistance, and drop tests. The devices are regulated and certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2001. They have also been approved and classified by the South African Police Service. “We offer a free risk-assessment service to all clients interested in the product, whereby our risk-assessment manager advises suitable installation requirements pertaining to cus- tomer specifications,” says Hughes. He adds that the FST Fire Orb represents the latest advances in fire-extinguishing tech- nology. “The product is far more effective than traditional fire extinguishers, which must be operated manually in order to be effective. In addition, fire extinguishers have no fire-alert activation to warn any bystanders, and are bulky devices that weigh 10 kg to 15 kg on average.” Fire & Security Techniques demonstrated the Fire Orbs at the City of Tshwane’s Winter Awareness Day in the Kopanong Informal Settlement. “One of the many applications of the new technology is fire prevention in informal settlements,” Hughes points out. These not only have a high risk of fires, especially in the cold and dry winter months, but often lack the necessary firefighting equipment and skills. In this regard, the company

Enquiries: +27 (0) 11 813 3206

MODERN PACKAGING plays an important role in preserving, protecting and selling a host of products, from items tiny enough to need tweezers to be picked up to those that need a forklift to be moved. Packaging also comes in a confusing array of materials and can be very costly if incorrectly selected or processed. Countapulse Controls offers a range of opto-electronic sensors that have been developed to ensure packaging lines operate at peak cost efficiency to the packaging industry. Made by German instrumenta- tion manufacturer Leuze Electronic, the sensors are purpose-designed for the feeding, packing, dosing, detecting, labelling, sealing and other operations that go into the make-up of any packaged product. Modern, high-production packaging uses cutting edge technology, and sensors applied to these ap- plications have to be capable of meeting the demanding requirements. Leuze is a leading developer and manufacturer of opto-electronic systems, which use light in various spectra for sensing, monitoring and controlling products and equipment in the production line. This includes standard opto-electronic sensors, colour sensors, label detectors and sensors for work- place safety. Also in the range are sensors for foil and glass detection, CCD sensors, forked photoelectric sensors and sensors for differentiating between glass and PET. The complexity and depth of sensors available on the market can be confusing, and for this reason, Countapulse Controls can assist customers to evaluate an application for either the fitment of new sen- sors or the retrofit of replacement units. Countapulse Controls has more than 35 years’ experience in providing fit-for-purpose sensor solu- tions on the African continent. The company also operates a 24/7 technical hotline to assist customers. LEVERAGING EXPERIENCE TO PROVIDE SENSOR SOLUTIONS IN PACKAGING

is also championing its own Fire Heroes programme to pro- mote fire-preven- tion awareness, and to assist in generat- ing employment op- portunities in local communities.

Enquiries: +27 (0)12 621 9400

Enquiries: +27 (0)11 615 7556







By Mark Mfikoe, National Director, ECA(SA)

M&C REFURBISHES MILL MOTOR FOR GOLD MINE IN ZIMBABWE T he largest ac electric motor operating in Zimbabwe drives a reduction mill and its motor was recently refurbished by leading rotating machinery repairer, Marthinusen & Coutts, a division of ACTOM. Estimated to be around 30 years old, the 2 150 kW synchronous mill motor, which was in operation at Freda Rebecca Gold Mine, suffered a failure caused by age and metal fatigue. The main hub of the electrical rotor component had sheared off. Following preliminary repair work undertaken by the mine, Marthinusen & Coutts was called to site to investigate further and to provide a long-term solution. It was decided, following negotiations with the mine, to do a design modification instead of replacing the hub. Richard Botton, Divisional CEO of Marthinusen & Coutts, explains that this option was chosen as it would save costs and reduce T he Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) has approved the Electrical Contractors Association’s ap- plication to train 200 unemployed youth as apprentices in the building construction electrical trade with support from the National Skills Fund. The training will not cost the beneficiaries anything. You could, therefore, argue without any trouble that there is indeed free tertiary education and skills transfer in the Republic of South Africa. The aim is to produce electricians who would not only be capable of being employed in the industry but also be employers in the industry and enhance the transformation imperatives of the country. The aim of the project is to turn 200 qualifying persons into registered people, in terms of the Electrical Installation Regulations, by 2020. There will be no shortcuts. Our respect for this trade is too big for us to do anything other than a perfect job. The trust placed on us by the Department of Higher Education and Training to deliver on this project is something we take so seriously that I, as the National Director of this association, will manage the project closely. When we are done, there will be 200 licenced electri- cians unleashed into the industry. Beneficiaries of this project will develop capacity to employ people in South Africa. Given its focus and bias towards the marginalised, without totally neglecting members of other communities, this project will contribute towards the transformation agenda of the Republic and add positively to economic and employment growth, and social development action plans. The geographic spread of the beneficiaries is as follows: There will be 20 apprentices from Brits of which four will be white and 16 black and largely from the rural villages around Brits. We must accelerate transformation. The combined figures in Tshwane and Ekurhuleni consists of 100 of which 20 will be white and 80 black. In Johannesburg, we will have 60 apprentices of which 50 will be black. In Sedibeng we will train 20 apprentices. More than 25% of the beneficiaries will be women, of which 49 of them will be young black women. We will be advertising in various publications, inviting apprentices from these areas to submit their applications. We will priori- tise apprentices with N2 Electrical Heavy Current as a minimum. We will place the apprentices with employers where they will get the opportunity to impress and secure employment and build value-adding relationships. The early bird catches the worm, as the saying goes, so please send your applications to If you are a company owner and would like to take on apprentices in these areas, please email Zinhle and express your interest. With your help, we will be able to resource our industry and complement the existing skilled workforce as we strive for excellence.

DYMO LabelWriter Wireless comes with built-in Wi-Fi to enable cable-free label printing. While the printer is suitable for typical general applications in the office, asset tracking, inventory, mailing and shipping and retail, especially with its ability to print barcodes, it is also ideal for use in industrial applications, including labelling shelves, warehousing, chemical storage, floor markers and equipment inventory. The LabelWriter Wireless can print on a wide selection of label tapes used by the existing DYMO LabelWriter printer series. Importantly for industrial ap- plications, the printer can use the existing long-lasting DYMO LW durable la- bels which use an industrial-strength adhesive that is able to stick securely to challenging surfaces, such as metal tread plate, textured PVC, wood and glass. The LabelWriter Wireless can print labels directly from Apple Macs, PCs, smartphones and tablets via its built-in Wi-Fi and can easily be added to a network for sharing.


EASYPACT TVS RANGE OF MOTOR STARTER SOLUTIONS B ased on its 90+ years of mo- tor starter experience, Schnei- der Electric has produced a new

tor Strobel, marketing offer manager for Motor Starting Switchgear Business for Schneider Electric SA. “We have expanded on the successful TeSys E series by including nine sizes of contactors that cover an even broader range of current ratings. These are well matched to a choice of thermal overload relays, control relays and a new motor protection circuit breaker.” The capabilities of the range have been application optimised, so that customers pay only for what is needed to meet each project requirement. A clear reference system makes selection and ordering easy, while a maximised number of solu- tions within one range helps reduce stock- ing requirements and simplifies design. Enquiries:

EasyPact TVS range of motor starter so- lutions that delivers exceptional simplic- ity, flexibility, reliability and value for the majority of common applications. Also known as TeSys E, the EasyPact TVS includes a wide choice of contac- tors, relays and circuit breakers, provid- ing the essential features required to address 80% of the most common AC1 and AC3 motor applications, such as HVAC, pumping and material handling. “The EasyPact TVS range is precision- engineered to give contractors, OEMs and panel builders a motor starter solu- tion that perfectly balances performance, cost-effectiveness and quality,” says Vic-

the lead time without sacrificing the performance of the refurbished motor. In addition, 18 main pole coils were replaced; these were manufactured by Marthinusen & Coutts at its ISO 9001 accredited facility in Cleveland, Gauteng. A complete rewind of the stator was necessary owing to the extensive dam- age caused during the failure at the mine. “The ability to implement enhancements during the repair of critical electri- cal rotating machinery such as this motor is a major advantage to the mine as it allows for the latest technology and enhancements to be included in the final product solution,” says Botton. The scope of work included the on-site commissioning of the motor which was facilitated by the Marthinusen & Coutts Zimbabwe operation with techni- cal support from the division’s centre of excellence in Johannesburg.

FEATURE-RICH POWER CONTROL PANELS ON A SINGLE NETWORK LYNTEC, a leading manufacturer of innovative electrical power control solutions for professional audio, video and lighting systems, has introduced its Whole Venue Control offering. Whole Venue Control gives customers the option to mix and match LynTec’s RPC remote control breaker panels, RPCR automated relay panels, and new NPAC multi-circuit rackmount units within the same network on a single interface. “Previously, each LynTec controller interface could only display one panel type and customers could not have control zones that extended across multiple panel types,” said Mark Bishop, president of LynTec “ Now, with Whole Venue Control, we’ve made it possible to extend zones across motorised circuit breakers and relays within the same network. This means that our customers can put the right panel in the right place to leverage the LynTec feature set they know and love across an entire venue.” LynTec’s Whole Venue Control capabilities allow system designers to create a completely tailored AVL power control system. They can mix and match LynTec’s leading line of electrical power control solutions to address the unique infrastructure requirements across a broad range of applications. By accessing a single IP address, customers can set up, control, and monitor all their AVL sequences or DMX lighting zones across the facility, making LynTec the ideal power control and management solutions provider for theatres, stadia and arenas, conference centres, and other large venues.

Enquiries: +27 (0)11 607 1700


T he Honeywell SEK001 sensor is ideal for sensor demonstration, testing and evaluation purposes. The SEK001 is essentially an Arduino shield board, which can interface a chosen individual sensor to the Arduino Uno (Rev3) microcontroller board. The selected sensor can either be mounted directly on the SEK001 board, or alternatively con- nected via leads enabling the sensor to be tested in adverse environments, or in a prototype product for proof-of-concept testing. The sensor board does not require the development of code before receiving sensor measurements, enabling devel- opers to start testing and prototyping right away. The kit includes the SEK001 sensor evaluation board and

five jumpers that are preconfigured to evaluate the on-board Honeywell HSCDRRN001ND2A5 5 V dc differential pressure sensor. The SEK001 also has sockets to receive Honeywell’s TruStability HSC and SSC series pressure sensors, which come with an I2C or SPI digital output, as well as the new TruStability RSC series of high-resolution pressure sensors. Also available is free downloadable Honeywell software, which controls the Arduino Uno board and takes readings from the sensor under evaluation. Sensor measurements can be dis- played on a PC and recorded to a .csv file for further analysis.








LEGRAND’S extensive range of products and systems for electrical installations and building infrastructures encompasses cast resin transformers, designed for low environmental impact. The energy-efficient cast resin transformers, which efficiently transfer electrical power between two different voltage systems at the same frequency, are manufac- tured according to stringent quality and safety specifications. They have no risk of insulating fluid losses and are a low fire hazard – even in harsh environments, such as on the mines and in chemical and petrochemical plants. Other advantages are a significant savings on electricity costs and minimal en- ergy waste. The compact system has also been designed for easy installation and low maintenance requirements – no oil changes or periodic oil purifications are necessary. Legrand’s standard distribution transformers have rated power between 100 and

3 150 kVA, primary rated voltage up to 36 kV and secondary rated voltage up to 433 V. Special transformers have rated power up to 17 000 kVA. Accessories include thermal sensors or thermistors, electronic units for tempera- ture control and forced ventilation systems to increase transformer power in tem- porary overloads or at high environmental temperatures. Legrand can also supply MV terminations for plug-in connections, surge arrester kits and anti-seismic sup- ports. Various enclosure options are available, with different degrees of protection against the environment, as well as for human protection. Legrand transformers are enhanced by the Zucchini busbar trunking system which provides synergy for a direct connection. The busbars are available in aluminium or copper.

Enquiries: +27 (0)11 444 7971


Schneider Electric signs manufacturing partnership agreement with Electrical Switchboards Botswana (SDM)

SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC has signed an agree- ment with Gaborone-based Electrical Switch- boards Botswana (SDM), which will allow it to import incomplete Schneider Electric medium voltage (MV) switchgear and customise it in Botswana to meet local customers’ specific re- quirements. Currently, the agreement covers PREMSET and PIX RoF solutions. PREMSET is the future of secondary distri- bution switchgear. It embraces the functionality for smart grid needs and is a new generation of Schneider Electric MV switchgear featuring the Shielded Solid Insulation System (2SIS). The PIX Roll on Floor (RoF) Air Insulated Switch- gear adapts to all electrical power distribution requirements up to 17.5 kV, with floor rolling vacuum circuit breakers. SDM manufactures electrical distribution boards, which are used in electrification systems. Its business has expanded to electrical switch- gear installation maintenance and servicing. Through Botswana-based companies, SDM has supplied distribution boards into Zimbabwe, Na- mibia, Angola and Zambia. As part of the execution of the agreement, Schneider Electric will carry out technology transfer through on-site training for local engi- neers, to enable them to customise Schneider Electric solutions specifically for the Botswana market. Its main customers are electrical power users, which include electrical switchboards for Botswana Power Corporation and Water Utili- ties Corporation.

Enquiries: +27 (0)11 254 6400 x6539







T he WEG MPW range of motor protection circuit breakers offers reliable operation in the harsh operat- ing environments found on the African continent. All motor protection circuit breakers in the range are manufactured in accordance with IEC 60947 and UL 508 international standards, giving operational parameters and quality assur- ance to the user. The devices offer the benefit of being compact and modular, facilitating space saving within the electrical panel itself. This means the panel can be small- er or, where necessary, more

MAJOR TECH offers high-quality flame-retardant DIN rail distribution boards which are available in two different designs: a robust IP 65 surface-mount for use outdoors or where strength is a pre-requirement; and an elegant IP 20 flush-mount and surface-mount for indoor use where aesthetics and ease of use are important. All distribution boards are supplied with a removable earth/neutral bar, an adjustable DIN rail to ensure straight installation and multiple knock-outs in different sizes located at the top, bottom, sides and back of the board to cater for all installation types. The IP 20 flush-mount offer is available with either a sturdy ABS tray or a galvanised steel tray. The galvanised steel offer is supplied with wire mesh spot welded to the back for increased fixing support.

cost saving. The magnetic-only version allows the use of electronic overload protection devices which further reduce costs. The WEG MPW motor protection circuit breaker is available with a full range of accessories including aux- iliary contacts, shunt trips, under voltage releases, door mounting handles and free-standing enclosures. The devices are certified to Type 2 allowing continuous op- eration until replaced.

components can be included in the panel. The WEG MPW range of motor protection circuit breakers is con- structed for optimal reliability. The WEG MPW range facilitates the protection of a wide range of electric motors from 0.16 A to 100 A. Significantly, the range has thermal magnetic versions facilitating protection against potential short circuit and overload conditions as well as magnetic-only versions which provide protection against short circuits. Use of the thermal magnetic device will reduce the number of components required when manufacturing a motor control centre. This can translate into significant

Enquiries +27 (0)11 872 5500



LOW VOLTAGE SWITCHBOARDS recently supplied motor control centres and vari- able speed drives to the value of R70 million to the KCC mine based in the Demo-


cratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The project was managed by SENET which is renown for its engineer- ing excellence. Low Voltage Switchboards used the cubic system supplied by Sabelco which conforms to the latest IEC 61439 specifications. The motor control cen- tres were rated for 550 V, 3 200 A at 70 kVA. The project is one of the largest this year for Low Voltage Switchboards.

T he advantages offered by dry-type or cast resin transformers played a role in Trafo Power Solutions securing an order for thirteen custom designed units. These dry-type transformers are destined for installation in a large-scale Rand Water Zuikerbosch Water Treatment Works.

Enquiries: +27 (0)11 979 4100

David Claassen, managing director of Trafo Power Solutions, says it is most gratifying for the company to have received this order only months after the business was established. Claassen, an electrical engineer with broad-ranging and high-level experience in many sectors, recently estab- lished Trafo Power Solutions to distribute and service transformer products from Canada-based Hammond Power Solutions (HPS), in Africa. The contract to supply cast resin transformers for the waste treatment facility will include units that range from 100 kVA to 1 600 kVA. Included in the scope of supply is the complete earth fault protection system that will be in the transformer enclosures. Claassen says that projects go the route of cast resin or dry-type trans- formers for a number of reasons. “Prime among these, is the inherent safety offered by the units as well as ease of installation, given the fact that they are installed inside built substations as opposed to outdoors with as- sociated special bunding and civils.” Dry-type transformers are categorised as F1 in terms of international fire resistance ratings, making them low risk as they are self-extinguishing and flame-retardant by nature. With zero risk of fire, the high safety rating of dry-type transformers allows them to be installed indoors, avoiding the cost and inconvenience of the special structures normally required to ac- commodate the safety and environmental hazards related to oil-filled units. “And this results in savings because there is no need for costly civils and site work to be done,” adds Claassen. Less maintenance is another advantage. Dry-type transformers are low in maintenance and could last for 25 years without significant attention, while oil-filled transformers require regular maintenance, including oil sam- ple analysis to ensure operational consistency and safety.

Enquiries: +27 (0)11 325 4007










Nordland Lighting Johann Lamprecht OSRAM Sales

Voltex Lighting Distributors of Voltex lighting: emergency and other signs; emergency control gear for fluorescent lights as specified in the OHS Act Waco Industries Distributors of Voltex lighting: emergency and other signs; emergency control gear for fluorescent lights as specified in the OHS Act FLAMEPROOF/HAZARDOUS AREA LIGHTING ACDC Dynamics Full range of flameproof/hazardous area lighting: visual alarms and beacons ARB Electrical Wholesalers Full range of flameproof/hazardous area lighting Atlas Group Distributors of Zone 1, 2 and 22 specialised lighting for indoor and outdoor BEKA Schréder Full range of flameproof/hazardous area lighting Bellco Distributors of Zone 1, 2 and 22 specialised lighting for indoor and outdoor Citilec Full range of flameproof/hazardous area lighting Eaton Electric Full range of flameproof/hazardous area lighting Electrahertz Full range of flameproof/hazardous area lighting Genlux Lighting Full range of flameproof/hazardous area lighting JDL Electric Full range of flameproof/hazardous area lighting MCE Electric O-lite LED floodlights Megalight Electrical Full range of floodlights Nordland Lighting Full range of flameproof/hazardous area lighting Superlume Zone rated fittings Voltex Distributors of Zone 1, 2 and 22 specialised lighting for indoor and outdoor Voltex Lighting Distributors of Zone 1, 2 and 22 specialised lighting for indoor and outdoor ENTERTAINMENT LIGHTING ACDC Dynamics Full range of entertainment lighting: flexible and rigid LED strip lighting, LED bar lights (IP65), LED border lights (IP65), disco lights, stage flood lights, lasers and mini laser lights, colour changing LED strip lights, high power LED lights and various Christmas/festive lighting ACTOM Electrical Products Distributors of Opple and OSRAM brand entertainment lighting ARB Electrical Wholesalers Full range of entertainment lighting Atlas Group Available on request, eg spotlights, follow spots and strobe lights Aurora Lighting Aurora Lighting and Enlite Lighting entertainment lighting Bellco Available on request, eg spotlights, follow spots and strobe lights Electrahertz Full range of entertainment lighting Genlux Lighting Full range of entertainment lighting JDL Electric Full range of entertainment lighting MCE Electric O-lite LED strip and rope lights; O-lite LED plinth, cabinet and reading lights Megalight Electrical Full range of entertainment lighting Radiant Group Full range of entertainment lighting Voltex Available on request, eg spotlights, follow spots and strobe lights STREET LIGHTING ACDC Dynamics Full range of street lighting: solar lights, LED lights, traffic lights, high power LED street lights (IP65), high power single LED chip lights in die-cast aluminium and Technopolymer ACTOM Electrical Products Distributors Genlux brand imported and local manufactured product ARB Electrical Wholesalers Full range of street lighting luminaires Atlas Group Masts and poles available on request; solar street lights; floodlights; bulkheads; sensor lights with conventional control gear, energy efficient and LED Aurora Lighting Aurora Lighting street lighting BEKA Schréder Full range of street lighting luminaires Bellco Masts and poles available on request; solar street lights; floodlights; bulkheads; sensor lights with conventional control gear, energy efficient and LED

Ausma Full range of outdoor decorative lighting BEKA Schréder Full range of outdoor decorative lighting Bellco Solar street lights, flood lights, bulkheads, sensor lights with conventional control gears; energy efficient and LED Citilec Full range of outdoor decorative lighting Crabtree Electrical Accessories Totally enclosed, high impact, corrosion resistant fluorescent luminaires Electrahertz Full range of outdoor decorative lighting Eurolux Bulkheads, outdoor lights, flood and security lights Genlux Lighting Outdoor lights; bulkheads; flood and security lights; solar lights JDL Electric Full range of outdoor decorative lighting LEDVANCE Full range of outdoor decorative lighting Legrand Weatherproof and vandal resistant bulkhead lights Major Tech Full range of LED garden lights, wall lights ideal for office, home and hotels MCE Electric O-lite outdoor LED aluminium fittings; O-lite outdoor E27 aluminium fittings; O-lite outdoor recessed step light; O-Lite bulkhead fittings Megalight Electrical Full range of outdoor decorative lighting Nordland Lighting Full range of outdoor decorative lighting Philips Lighting Full range of outdoor decorative lighting Radiant Group Full range of outdoor decorative lighting Superlume A wide of range of decorative outdoor lighting – SKY-ESL-06 Voltex Solar street lights, flood lights, bulkheads, sensor lights with conventional control gears; energy efficient and LED Voltex Lighting Solar street lights, flood lights, bulkheads, sensor lights with conventional control gears; energy efficient and LED Waco Solar street lights, flood lights, bulkheads, sensor lights with conventional control gears; energy efficient and LED EMERGENCY LIGHTING Full range of emergency lighting: wall mount, double-sided, legends, bulkhead and Eco Lights ranging from IP42 to IP65 ARB Electrical Wholesalers Full range of emergency lighting Atlas Group Distributors of Voltex lighting: emergency and other signs; emergency control gear for fluorescent lights as specified in the OHS Act Aurora Lighting Aurora Lighting and Enlite Lighting emergency lighting Ausma Full range of emergency lighting BEKA Schréder Full range of emergency lighting Bellco Distributors of Voltex lighting: emergency and other signs; emergency control gear for fluorescent lights as specified in the OHS Act Citilec Full range of emergency lighting Denver Technical Products Mains fail safety lighting; track mounted lights Eaton Electric Full range of emergency lighting Electrahertz Full range of emergency lighting Eurolux LED emergency lights; rechargeable portable emergency lights Genlux Lighting Full range of emergency lighting JDL Electric Full range of emergency lighting Legrand Full range of emergency lighting units ranging from fluorescent to LED including maintained and non-maintained Major Tech Full range of portable lighting – in LED and fluorescent – ideal for power outages, camping, fishing, hiking, hotel, office and warehouse applications Megalight Electrical Full range of emergency lighting Nordland Lighting Full range of emergency lighting Radiant Group Full range of emergency lighting Superlume A wide range of emergency lighting – ELX233L Voltex Distributors of Voltex lighting: emergency and other signs; emergency control gear for fluorescent lights as specified in the OHS Act ABB SA Full range of emergency lighting ACDC Dynamics

ABB SA ACDC Dynamics Aurora Lighting Ausma BEKA Schréder Eaton Electric HellermannTyton Genlux Lighting LEDVANCE Legrand Nordland Lighting OSRAM Philips Lighting Shuttle Lighting Control Systems Superlume DISTRIBUTORS ACTOM Electrical Products ARB Electrical Wholesalers Atlas Group Aurora Lighting Ausma BEKA Schréder Bellco Citilec Crabtree Electrical Accessories Denver Technical Products Eaton Electric Electrahertz ElectroMechanica Eurolux HellermannTyton Genlux Lighting JDL Electric Krilux LS Lighting Structures Major Tech MCE Electric Megalight Electrical OSRAM Radiant Group Superlume Voltex Voltex Lighting Voltex Smart Solutions Waco CONTACT ABB SA Claudeen Forbes Aberdare Cables Sales ACDC Dynamics Sales ACTOM Electrical Products Millicent Mabote ARB Electrical Wholesalers Sales Atlas Group Annie Storar/Imran Gaffoor Aurora Lighting Michael Clark Ausma Sales BEKA Schréder Nadja Smith Bellco Fred Wilson Citilec Geoffrey Bower Crabtree Electrical Accessories Sales Denver Technical Products Mervyn Stocks Eaton Electric Sales Eurolux Sales Electrahertz Frank Proude (Pta) Peet Lourens (Jhb) ElectraMechanica Vinson Moore Genlux Lighting Glen Hill HellermannTyton Ingrid Nicolaus JDL Electric Ashveer Lalla Krilux ACDC Dynamics Aberdare Cables

Philips Lighting Nelisiwe Nkosi Radiant Group Alfred Weldon Shuttle Lighting Control Systems Tracey Steyn Superlume Willie Garbers Voltex Steve Lea Voltex Lighting Mark Storer/Mark Rudman Voltex Smart Solutions Juanita Kanagan Waco Jaco Coetzee INDOOR DECORATIVE LIGHTING

ACDC Dynamics Full range of indoor decorative lighting: LED, LED glare- reducing and standard CFL options – downlights, chandeliers, wall mounts, spotlights, LED strip lights, wall washer LEDs, stainless steel light fittings ACTOM Electrical Products Distributors of Rabro brand imported and locally manufac- tured products ARB Electrical Wholesalers Full range of indoor decorative lighting Atlas Group Distributor of a wide variety of reputable brands, designs and specifications eg energy saving and LED Aurora Lighting Aurora Lighting and Enlite Lighting indoor decorative lighting Ausma Full range of indoor decorative lighting BEKA Schréder Full range of indoor decorative lighting luminaires Bellco Distributor of a wide variety of reputable brands, designs and specifications eg energy saving and LED Citilec Full range of indoor decorative lighting Crabtree Electrical Accessories Acrylic diffuser with conical light control prisms (single; double – new Econo narrow body; and wide body decorative) Electrahertz Full range of indoor decorative lighting Eurolux Downlights, chandeliers, ceiling lights, spotlights, pendant lights, table lights, floor lights, fans, wall lights Genlux Lighting Full range of indoor decorative lighting JDL Electric Full range of indoor decorative lighting LEDVANCE Full range of indoor decorative lighting Legrand Complete range of stylish pendants Major Tech Full range of LED wall lights, picture and mirror lights, step lights and ceiling lights ideal for office, home, hotels and general lighting applications MCE Electric O-lite LED candle bulbs, globes and lamps; O-Lite LED Cyclops panel lights; O-Lite LED downlights with built-in drivers Megalight Electrical Full range of indoor decorative lighting Philips Lighting Full range of indoor decorative lighting Radiant Group Full range of indoor decorative lighting Shuttle Lighting Control Systems Control systems for dimming of LED, halogen and incandescent lamps Superlume A wide range of decorative indoor lighting – new RZD300 Voltex Distributor of a wide variety of reputable brands, designs and specifications eg energy saving and LED Voltex Lighting Distributor of a wide variety of reputable brands, designs and specifications eg energy saving and LED Waco Distributor of a wide variety of reputable brands, designs and specifications, for example, energy saving and LED OUTDOOR DECORATIVE LIGHTING ACDC Dynamics Wide range of outdoor decorative lighting: bulkheads, wall mounts, deck and floor lighting, floodlights, lanterns, garden lights, solar garden lights, security lights, decorative bollards ACTOM Electrical Products Distributors of Genlux brand imported and local manufactured product ARB Electrical Wholesalers Full range of outdoor decorative lighting Atlas Group Solar street lights, flood lights, bulkheads, sensor lights with conventional control gears; energy efficient and LED Aurora Lighting Aurora Lighting and Enlite Lighting outdoor decorative lighting

Krisen Pillay LEDVANCE LEDVANCE Head office Legrand Johan Bosch LS Lighting Structures Sales Major Tech Werner Grobbelaar MCE Electric Sales Megalight Electrical Sales



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