Bringing Pets into the UK


We understand that pets are often very much part of the family and it is important that their move is as happy as yours. The following information will help point you in the right direction to help you bring your pets safely over to the UK and ensure this move is within the law. Britain has very strict quarantine regulations to guard against rabies and other diseases. These laws have undergone many changes in the last few years and are still under review. Click here for more information: When bringing your pet to the UK, there are a few options: 1. The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS): This system allows you to bring pets into the UK without being placed in quarantine if you have complied with the rules and restrictions of the scheme. There are strict timeframes that you must adhere to, and these differ depending on which country you will be arriving from. For further information, please visit: 2. Quarantine: If you cannot or do not have time to comply with the terms of pets, you would be required to place your pet in a government approved kennel for six months with limited contact. For further information and to check where the approved kennels are located, please see: 3. Foster Families: If you do not wish to place your pet in such a quarantine facility, the following organisation may be able to help you locate a foster family in France. The foster family would look after your pet at their home whilst you take steps to comply with PETS and then bring your pet into the UK. Some people find this a caring and, perhaps, more pet-friendly alternative to quarantine. For further information, please see: These options require thought and planning. Please consult the websites carefully, and for further clarification, please consult your Destination Support Specialist. Please also note that the majority of Landlords prefer Tenants without pets and can, therefore, discriminate against an offer on these grounds. This may be due to a previous bad experience or simply that the property is not suitable for animals. Other Landlords may ask for a higher deposit to be paid – in case of accidental damage or if further cleaning is required. Many Central London properties do not allow pets in the building so if you are bringing pets; we strongly advise that you consider looking outside of Central London.

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