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Living Healthy Health information that promotes longevity and ensures you enjoy the money you earn

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Indeed, good health is the most important aspect of life. Without it, it is difficult to achieve and enjoy success in other areas including career, business, relationships and family. Even if you make all the money in the world, without good health to enjoy it, it becomes valueless. This is why this page, Living Healthy is created to share with you medical research reports and information to help you take control of your health. Keep reading!

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ver wonder how families stay healthy, fit and thin? We asked Oprah’s go-to doctor, Mehmet E C. Oz, MD - who gets his own show this month - for his tips on how to build a healthy family strategy. Dr. Oz says families that make healthy lifestyle choices together, stay healthy together. Here’s his game plan for your family. Don’t go hungry To stay at a healthy weight, you have to eat, not starve yourself. “If you don’t fuel up regularly, you’ll become insatiably hungry, causing the ‘hunger’ hormone, ghrelin, to spike,” Dr. Oz says. “The problem is, it takes a half- hour for that hormone to return to normal once you start to eat, but in that 30 minutes you’ll likely chow through many more calories than if you hadn’t eaten on an empty stomach.” Without a healthy go-to option for each, you’re far more likely to make bad spur-of-the-moment grabs. Plus, having a staple of one or two healthy usuals makes grocery shopping easier. “You don’t want to reinvent the wheel every day,” says Dr. Oz, who starts his day with a bowl of steel-cut oatmeal with flaxseed oil, a few walnuts, and some raisins or agave for sweetness—a morning meal that Randy and Kathleen have adopted and now love. For lunch, Dr. Oz recommends a vegetable-based soup (like this tomato fennel soup recipe) or a turkey or tuna sandwich on whole-grain bread. For the kids, you can improve upon the PBJ sandwich (it’s not horrible, but the jelly is all sugar) by using less jelly or turning it into a PB sandwich with a piece of fruit. Automate breakfast and lunch Exercise 20 minutes a day - at home Why stay at your place? “If you have to go somewhere to exercise, you’re

reliable pocket of time when you can actually get active as a family. Working up a sweat together is an antiaging move, too: Using your mind to activate your muscles, either to dance or catch a ball, is one of the best ways to keep yourself young,” Dr. Oz says. Play a pick-up game of soccer, have a dance party, or shoot hoops after dinner. Talk to your kids about smart-eating goals, and encourage them to call you out if you grab junk food. “Kids love feeling empowered,” Dr. Oz says. It makes them feel like part of the solution, instead of feeling singled out as the only ones who have to follow healthy-eating rules. Or talk to older kids about their day. “That’s the one time that kids let their guard down—when they’re tired and about to go under,” Dr. Oz says. “It’s when you hear what’s really on their minds and you can try and impart some knowledge.” A good night’s sleep keeps you young. “Half of American adults have lost the ability to sleep, and not getting about seven hours a night can be a contributing factor to heart attacks and strokes,” Dr. Oz says. Keep your bedroom cool and dark, and nix the technology. If you can’t fall asleep after 15 minutes, don’t beat yourself up; get out of bed and meditate or read to help you relax. Having regular sex can add an extra three years to your life expectancy, Dr. Oz reports. His suggestion? Aim for twice a week. “The love that stems from that blissful moment of being in each other’s arms,” he says, “is crucial f o r s t r e n g t h e n i n g y o u r relationship—and your health.” Source: www.health.com Let your children police you Tell little ones a bedtime story Make sure you have a bedtime routine Bond in bed single thing you eat. It allows you to keep on track and see what happened if you do mess up one day. 3. Find a fitness routine you enjoy. When you are doing exercises you like, even if it is something simple like going for a long walk with your dog, taking a bicycle ride or playing a game of tennis, you are more likely to do the exercise on a regular basis. The regular exercise will help quicken your weight loss and increase your health. Even better, you’ll be better able to keep the weight off. 4. Learn to plan ahead.Agood example of this is to fill up on your healthier foods before you go out with your friends or family. This way you won’t be tempted by the fattier foods being offered at the restaurant or movie theater. 5. Let yourself cheat once in a while! By letting yourself indulge in your cravings once in a while, say-once a week or so, you will be less likely to give in at other times when the cravings hit. Knowing that you only have a couple of hours or days to wait until your next treat will help keep you going when you feel like you can’t eat anything else that is healthy. Source: www.ArticlesBase.com

automatically going to need more than 20 minutes, and it violates the flow of your day,” Dr. Oz says. “An hour is a long time; 20 minutes is nothing.” Keeping your daily workout goal short and convenient works, he explains, because none of us want to admit that our lives are so disorganized that we can’t carve out 20 quick minutes. “What we find is that if we tell people to do 20 minutes, they enjoy it and end up doing more than 20 minutes,” which is even better for your heart, Dr. Oz stresses. Simple ideas that work: Skip

begin with, kids won’t even miss them, Dr. Oz promises. Keep good-news snacks on hand (like nuts and pretzels) and fruit and veggies washed and chopped in your fridge. “Kids will eat healthy snacks when they get hungry enough,” Dr. Oz says. “I can talk about the importance of nutrients for good health all day. But studies show that if you want your kids to have an appreciation of how precious their bodies are, you can’t beat just sitting down together,” Dr. Oz Eat dinner together every night


rope in your driveway, and alternate with crunches and push-ups; do 20 minutes of a workout video; walk in your neighborhood. “I know this can be tough for parents, but the big decisions about what to eat must be made by you at the supermarket,” Dr. Oz says. Here’s why: If you bring chips and cookies home, your kids (and you) will naturally want to eat them. And if you try to restrict them, you’ll actually cause your child to crave them more. But if you don’t buy the sweets to Be the food decider in your house

says. This simple ritual improves not just kids’ eating habits but their grades and willingness to open up to you, too. “When families come together to eat, they create an emotional harmony that I think is pretty sacred for long- term health.” If evenings don’t work, turn breakfast into your family sit-down instead. “In our house, we put on 50 Cent and the kids bop around,” Dr. Oz says. “It’s our very own dance party.” Just like with exercising at home for 20 minutes, the key is to carve out a Play together every day

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t’s a sad truth that some dieters will be successful while others will not. Why do some people suffer from endless setbacks and yo-yoing weight loss while others manage to not only lose the weight

yourself at the same time each day, you are more likely to get an accurate representation of your current weight. The Annals of Behavioral Medicine published

but keep it from ever coming back? Don’t you want to know how to be part of the second group? Here are a few habits that you should develop to help you lose weight and keep it off:

a study that p r o v e d t h a t people on diets who stepped on the scale each day lost more weight than those who didn’t and were better able to keep the weight


from coming back. 2. Keep a food journal. By writing down each food you eat during the day, you are more likely to stay motivated and stick to your diet. You are less likely to binge when you force yourself to write down every

1. Weigh yourself at the same time each day. There are some who will tell you to not to weigh yourself often while you are dieting. This is largely because the scale can easily be manipulated by things like water weight. If, however, you weigh

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