Dr. James Lowther

faith, but for the believer the manner of testimony and witness as well. I do not have space in this article to go into other interactions in the story--a Muslim, Karen’s youngest sister, Ruthie, Amy, Tommy, Ted..., but I trust that you will find them compelling, entertaining, and enlightening. The events also are storylines in themselves-- the ski lodge in the Appalachians in NE Georgia, the Appalachian Trail hike, Lester the hiking dog, Youth Time at Danny’s church, the boat ride on the Atlantic, Lisa (the granddaughter of the president of Grand Corps), the Caribbean trip, and of course, the plane trip. Then as we go into the rest of series, the court room scenes, Herbert Tobiah Thomas, Dana, Jeff O’Brien, Mindy, and so many others jump off the pages and become part of the reader’s lives, every bit as much as Hobbits, Narnia, and Tiny Tim did for generations past.

I trust that you will find The Danny Carter Series engaging, educational, and inspiring. As one of my readers who described himself as a 43 year old ex-Marine wrote on Amazon, “(the series) is a fantastic story...that makes me want to keep following these characters to see where they go next...it makes me that much more confident in my Christian faith”.


PAPER Clips | ISSUE NO. 43


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