Avanti March 2018

Rising Stars!

Car d s i n t ro d u c e d i n t h e past 9 0 day s t hat ar e mov i ng u p t h e b est s e ll e r c hart s


...you took your driving test on a dinosaur! ...”getting lucky” means you found your car in the parking lot! ...you remember when the Dead Sea was only sick! ...your back goes out more than you do! ...even your birthday suit needs ironing! ...you remember when rainbows only came in black and white! ...the candles cost more than the cake! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Retail $4.25

203223 AlmOst Funny I want buns of steel... But I also want buns of cinnamon.

203221 BIRTHDAY Have a Magical Birthday!

203219 BIRTHDAY You’re so old... ...your social security number is 1! (continued)...

Retail $3.95

203238 BIRTHDAY Can’t take you anywhere... without having fun! Happy Birthday

203226 BIRTHDAY Ahoy! Another year speeds by! Happy Birthday

203230 BIRTHDAY Hope it’s the sweetest ever! Happy Birthday

Retail $4.49

203260 BIRTHDAY Sweet, sassy & a little bit twisted! Happy Birthday

203258 BIRTHDAY Lady Boss Happy Birthday to the Queen of freakin’ EVERYTHING!

203259 BIRTHDAY Feel the magic! Happy Birthday

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