VTT Expert Services report confirms superior cleanability and hygiene of stainless steel conveyors Enhancedhygiene inmeat trimming Steelbeltnews HYGIENICALLYCONVEYEDONA SANDVIK STEELBELT

Looking tomaximise hygiene in your meat trimming / deboning operation?

The outstanding cleanability of Sandvik steel beltsmeans that the risk of bacterial build- up can be reduced – simply by upgrading to a stainless steel conveyor. Plus cleaning is quicker, easier andmore economical too – use lesswater, reduce chemical costs and save onunproductive cleaning time. The superior cleanability of Sandvik stainless steel belts has been confirmed by Finnish food laboratoryVTTExpert Services. The conclusions couldn’t have been clearer: “stainless steel ismore cleanable than the twodifferent plastic surfaces tested…”. Find outmore inside.


Cleanliness isn’t the only quality that makes stainless steel belts perfect for food processing operations. Strength,flexibility and outstanding thermal properties have led to steel belts becoming the preferred medium for conveyingmeat and other products through ovens, freezers,drying lines andmore. The initial investment may be higher than for some other technologies, but the performance and longworking life of a steel belt will often deliver a farmore attractive overall return on investment. Formore information,please visit

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