Hartpury University Equine Applicant Day Programme

Hartpury University Equine Your programme 9.00 Registration University Learning Centre Let us know you’re here, grab some refreshments and pick up your welcome gift. 9.30 Welcome and student life talk Mark Davison Centre (MDC1)

understand how these mammals can withstand extraordinary force. You’ll examine one of their most unique features, the equine distal limb (leg), and learn how internal structures create ‘elastic’ energy that generates incredible power. BSc Racehorse Performance and Rehabilitation; BA International Horseracing Business: Racing on Tour Horseracing is an exciting and rapidly expanding industry. During this session, you’ll get to the heart of it, exploring the realities of racing in the UK. Delve into the science of the performance management of the racehorse and the art of the commercial horseracing world. Understand the essential ingredients of success. BSc Equine Science with Therapy: In ‘knee deep’ Rapid growth in the field of equine therapy means that we are able to rehabilitate injuries and enable successful return to competition. Join us in our commercial Equine Therapy Centre, as we delve, ‘knee deep’, into the equine limb. You will help us to treat one of our patients on our unique water treadmill. Together we will consider how therapy and rehabilitation techniques are best applied. 12.00 Lunch A sandwich packed lunch will be provided. If you fancy a hot lunch, you can purchase one from our eatery. Graze, campus eatery 13.00 Information hub This is an opportunity to ask your questions and find out more. This will include representation from a range of teams such as finance, accommodation, Students’ Union and the Sports Academy. University Learning Centre 13.00 Accommodation tours Leaving regularly from their base in the University Learning Centre, our team of student ambassadors will be able to show you a range of room types to inform your application for on-site accommodation. We will also be doing a visit to some of our off-site accommodation in the centre of Gloucester, please sign up for our minibus on the day. University Learning Centre 15.00 Finish

Meet your Head of Department as they welcome you to Hartpury. You’ll also hear from our student experience team as they give you an insight into our community and student life here on campus. 10.00 BA Equine Business Management: Giving a Kahoot Understand how to excel in the commercial equine world and how to develop your skillsets to redesign industry practice. The equine business Industry is moving fast, in line with technology and commercial demand. During this session you’ll delve behind the scenes of effective equine business strategies. Current students will run a no-holds-barred session, revealing the myths vs reality of equine business. BSc Equestrian Sports Science: Are you Fit to Ride? Do you want to know the science behind how a rider’s posture affects the horse? In this session, you’ll analyse rider posture and position using our Racewood Eventing Simulator – the most advanced of its kind at an educational institution in the world. You’ll assess how strength and fitness could improve rider and horse performance, as well as how a rider’s position might be critical to preventing injury. BSc Equestrian Sports Coaching: Coaching the Coach Effective coaching is critical to the performance of riders at all levels. During this workshop, you’ll experience a live coaching session with student and graduate riders and coaches. You’ll examine your own coaching techniques and how these could be improved. You’ll start to understand proven theories underpinning great coaching, and how to make a difference to rider performance and development. FdSc Equine Performance: Performance in Practice The horse has a remarkable ability to cope with the demands of exercise and competition. However, as with any athlete, the risk of injury is sometimes unavoidable. During this session you’ll get hands on with our horses to begin to understand the science behind performance, examining the anatomy and confirmation of the horse.

Can success be predicted based on these kind of assessments? BSc Equine Science; MSci Equine Science: Under the Skin

The horse is an impressive athlete that can withstand the force of half a tonne travelling at 40mph! Today you have the chance to ‘get under their skin’ and start to

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