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Kluwer Arbitration is the leading online service for international commercial arbitration. With a subscription to the service you will gain access to a valuable collection of arbitration related material saving you both time and money. Materials include: Legislation, Case Law, Bilateral Investment Treaties, Commentary, Conventions, Rules and more. NEW- China Court Decision Summaries on Arbitration (in English) This new body of cases (currently 126 summaries of Chinese court decisions) enables you to understand the arbitration environment in China and whether it makes sense to choose arbitration as a dispute resolution means. This new content is unique and is unavailable elsewhere. Benefits • It will help those looking to gain an overall understanding of the arbitration system in China. • The cases will help you understand the common pitfalls and how to avoid them. • The case summaries provide detail on previous cases to enable practitioners to assess whether it makes sense to arbitrate with Chinese parties when you may have to enforce your award in China later on. • The structure and standardized summaries (each containing identical headings) will guide the user easily through the details of the case. • The concise summaries will assist the practitioner in deciding whether it is worth dedicating the time needed to read the full judgment – and in most cases, whether it worth having the full judgment translated into English.

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