Special Edition

Staff cuts. Closed programs. All because the State of Illinois won’t pay its bills.

“Only enoughmoney to lease 1 bus; but we need two” “it would be detrimental to our region as well as our state to lose career and technical education opportunities” “Cut staff; eliminated all summer school offerings; more textbook delays” “school boards considering reducing or even totally closing CTE programs.” “We have had to work hard to keep our tax levy flat for 5 years... Delays in catergorical funding threaten all of our hard-won progress”

May close pre-K for over 600 at-risk “can result in students not finishing high school because they struggle in purely academic classes” “had to discontinue PreK-5 program for next school year”

children age 3–5

“...increase of class size beyond statemax... Serious loss of program quality”


Special Edition

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